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Discussion in 'Officers' started by benjyman, Apr 20, 2010.

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  1. I'm looking for an electronic version of The Queen's Commission: A Junior Officer's Guide. It's been posted on here that it's somewhere on ArmyNET but I can't find it in the maze, neither can I find it on the Sandhurst website. Can someone point me in the right direction. Also - Serve to Lead, any ideas where I can find that?
  2. I have a copy of Serve to Lead, pretty sure I got it off of the arrse wickipedia, if not I will get it to you somehow. I can't help you with The Queen's Commission: A Junior Officer's Guide unfortunately. Let me know if you want that serve to lead document.

  3. If its not too much trouble - I would like a copy of "Serve to Lead" - would be interesting to see if/how much it has changed/been updated! I threw away my original copy the last time I moved house.

    Many thanks !
  4. http://www.arrse.co.uk/wiki/Serve_To_Lead

    Edited to add - also have the pdf of the 2006 revised 1e of the JOs guide. It was on the Sandhurst internet site in previous days. PM with an appropriate email address and I'll wing you a copy.
  5. Very kind of you - it seems a bit smaller than the one I had - I recall that a large part was devoted to tactics, weapons - and how to conduct the various phases of a conventional conflict (advance, attack, retreat) - also IS operations.

    However - it was also marked "confidential" - so maybe those parts were left out of the WiKi intentionally!

    I would very much like a copy of he JO's guide - PM on its way.

  6. I seem to remember that a couple of us were wiki formatting excerpts that pvtePile was posting onto a forum topic. I can't remember why he, or we, gave out in the end ...
  7. I think the parts that you extracted were probably the parts of more general interest - and as such a very good choice.

    The parts I referred to can be considered "for those especailly interested" - and not so much of general interest.

    There is a lot of help on the net now for both basic training, and what to expect at Sandhurst. Both recruits and cadets can prepare themselves much more thoroughly than before - and I expect (despite some grumbling here on A**se) that helps to achieve higher standards.
  8. I have an electronic copy somewhere on Pdf. Give us a PM with your email and I'll send it when I can be bothered raking it out.
  9. Rustles paper and HERRUMPH :twisted: You of course meant Advance , Attack, Defence and Withdrawal :D
  10. Which? The JO's Guide or "Serve to Lead" - the latter would be useful ...
  11. Junior Officer's guide as per OP.
  12. Swerve to Lead and the Jnr Offrs' guide are on the British Army Battle Box. Click on doctrine, then guides on the LH column.

  13. I have copies of both serve to lead and a queens commission. PM your email and I will send.