Junior Officers and SNCOs

I'm not sure if I am posting on the right forum but as there are a good few current and past Officers trolling these parts of the site, so I thought I might as well.
I am just curious of the relationship between Junior Officers and NCOs, it seems to me that although NCOs must salute Junior Officer (is JO the appropriate acronym?) and call them sir it is pretty obvious that NCOs and probably most privates will know a hell of a lot more than a fresh JO straight out of RMAS.
So am I correct to assume that the first years as a JO are really just more of a steep learning curve of the realities and practicalities of being a soldier and learning, most probably, the hard way how to lead men?

On another note anybody attending MB on the 15th of July?
I always preferred the term "Young Officers".

Remember the YO will have attended a year-long intensive course in learning his business. Frequently (in my time) they then spent time with their Regiment before attending intensive special-to-arm training.

Arrival in the Regiment is certainly the start of a steep learning curve & all in the Regiment have a prt to play in educating the YO. Without a good Tp Sgt & Tp Cpls the YO can end up in a whole world of hurt. However it is the role of the chain of command to ensure that (beyond the odd prank) the YO is not stitched up.

Everyone has a part to play in the system but I would suggest anyone who holds forth about it really being NCOs who run everything has a somewhat blinkered viewpoint and anyone who brags about telling his Tp Ldr to get stuffed is probably fibbing.
uo1_rhino said:
Main Board 28th june, time is flying by!!

Anyone here going to Westbury then?
15 th of July for me.

Got the Infantry Officer familiarisation visit on the 8th, anyone going?

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