Junior NCO Cadre


Hi all
Iam doing a junior NCO cadre in september and was wondering if anybody has done one recently and can give me a break down on what they were taught on the course.

Many thanks


Excellent, i should imagine many aspects of this course would apear even on a RE Cadre...
303SMLE few questions;
Did you have to have the TARU course out of the way before you did PJNCO?
Did you use Clansman or just PRR?
Well written 303SMLE.

My only criticism is that a member of the Senior Trade of Gods CORPS is unlikely to be issuing weapons. Far more likely to be a grotty Arms Cote Storeman.

It's only terminology but it's important.
We used prr and 349's on the JNOC. Making the command change a fecking nightmare as you had to get everything signed for and swapped over in 3mins before you go on to the next section attack. Not that we used the 349 untill the platoon attacks anyway.


Bobath, I didn't think any of the 349's ever worked, at any stage? :shakefist:

As I recall, they used the 349 in its old school shoulder holster rig as a badge of rank for the guys in command appointments; they never worked, but having to swop them and put them on correctly, over all your other shite, was a test of ingenuity, rope work, personal admin, sense of urgency, and structural engineering.

Certainly, in the Platoon Attack the 351 I had to carry didn't work at all, we just used PRR instead.

In theory you do have to get TARRU out of the way first, but my unit sneaked me in. In fairness, I was signaller on my units Cambrian Team; the job was delegated to me because I was good at carrying things, then they taught me how to use a radio afterwards. So although I hadn't done TARRU, I could put the thing together and make it work.

You should also have done DITs, but again, many of the guys on my course hadn't, and we didn't need to apply any of it as we weren't teaching.

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