junior leaders

I have been reading and enjoying the thread on junior leaded memories, am i right in thinking these were disbanded in the early 90's? What do 16 year olds who join now do? What age are the apprenticeships from- i assume they are for RE, REME, etc, not infantry.
I ask because my 2 boys are army barmy and may want to join up in a few years..


Army Foundation College Phase 1 training 16-17 years and 1 month 42 week course 26 weeks Mil training 11 weeks vocational education 5 weeks adventure training. RAC/RA/Inf + I believe the Technical trades have moved in lately.
JE is now 42 weeks AFC Harrogate as said above Inf, RAC, RA and RLC Driver and pioneer January or September intake


23 weeks at Winchester for the other trades with start dates varying Sept to March.

Both are now from 16 years of age up to 17:5
cheers for the info, i.ll check out the link. Is it still seen as a boost towards leadership like the junior leaders were?

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