Junior Leader Regiments - Big mistake

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Scnellimbiss, Jul 23, 2006.

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  1. Very big mistake getting rid of the Junior leader regiments , excellent source of recruitment for long term soldiers. You joined up so young that the army became your life - you knew nothing else.
    Most of the Snco's / Warrant officers I met, probably 90% were ex Junior / boy soldiers.
    Views ?
  2. It was the most stupid short sighted cut the army ever made and these serious effects are now being felt army wide. They were the Sandhurst for the future SNCOs and WOs and of course many later became officers.
  3. How are the 'Army Foundation Collage' Boys & Girls getting on? Are they anything like the old Junior Leaders?
  4. Agree
  5. My cousin went through one and is coming out after his four years to become a barman... I think that speaks for itself
  6. I went through Army foudation college in '98, I think that the difference in training showed at the phase two training reg, saying that I got out after 6 years so who am I to say?!?
  7. I'm not so sure. Fair enough there are a lot of SNCOs who are ex JLs. I've found that a lot of young guys i.e ex ATs got out at the earliest oppurtunity, they seemed to be dissilusioned with it. Also because they knew nothing about civvy street they seemed think that the streets were paved with gold, they would get an awesomly paid job just like that and could still work the hours they did in the army. DOH! Also I don't agree with one of the reasons they give for joining as an AT: you will get promoted quicker once you get to your unit. Fair enough if they were an AT NCO they did ok in training however there is a big difference between training and being in a working unit. At a unit it doesn't matter if a sapper spent 3 months doing basic training or 8 (or whatever it is) months doing basic training, it is how they perform in their troop that counts. I know plenty of ex JLs who are still JNCOs after 10 - 15 years service despite being top notch and, as an ex JL, apparently being a future RSM although the lottery that are promotion boards does have something to do with this. My mate asked me a few years ago if he should join as an AT or wait a few months and join as an adult entry. I replied "AT, twice the length in training, twice the B/S and half the pay", which I think is a fair enough summary. Also on the old pension any time served before 18 didn't count towards bonuses and pension so you would do 7 years before getting your 5 year money, 10 years before your 8 year money and 24 years before getting your pension.
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  9. Junior leaders - best time of my career

  10. Just not a very nice one :twisted:
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  12. And I know that cos im polite to my elders :D :wink:
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  14. Convoy and Riggers book "Picking up the Brass" catches all the blood, sweat and tear's of Junior Leaders in the 80's like the braces on your noddy suit catch a tUrd. Go on you know you want to relive them golden days.

    "Picking up the Brass"

    Thread here