junior infantry phase 1 training

i was just wondering could you join the infantry and do your phase 1 at the 20 week adc winchester course or for the infantry can you only go to harrogate and nowhere else

thanks for answering
the only places that do junior entry is , and infantry normaly end up at
AFC Harrogate (Long Course 52 weeks give or take) more technical jobs will end up at ATR Winchester (Short Course 23 weeks i think )

hope this helps someone , im going Harrogate on the 5th of september :)


juicyfruity said:
para_sands said:
ask in the careers office...its there job.
why exactly have you joined a forum if your un willing to discuss topics you simon
He has discussed the topic. He gave the advice that the OP should talk to the AFCO as they are the subject matter experts and would be able give him the gen, instead of a username on the internet possibly giving him wrong info.

He could have also advised the OP to use the search function as this topic will have been discussed on ARRSE before.

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