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Since I was a child yada yada yada joining the Royal Engineers is all I want to so. I finally got off my fat ARRSE and went to ACIO and have my barb test on Monday.
On my DCP issue day, my folder had Junior Entry bestowed upon it and I was like "yes quality!" but I am 17 next month and max age for JE is 17 and a half. Now I know getting into the army isnt a easy thing and by the time all my tests are completed and I am given a selection date I am worried I may not make it into Junior Entry.

Can anyone give me any info as to what will happen i.e will I be allowed in JE because I started my app at 16 etc.

Many thanks, I am also sure I will get some rather flattering replies so as some would say. My tin helmet is already on.

was told it would probably be better to re-post this here instead of the junior part.
It's actually 17 years and 5 months :)maximum age entry.

Speak to your recruiter they tend to know lots of stuff.
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