Junior Entry - trade choice question


Hi, thinking of JE but if I did I would definitely want to be an electronics technician.

I won't go too much into it, but basically if I don't join now my education would continue on the electronics route for a while longer, as it's something I'm really interested in.

So what I'm wondering is if there's an element of trade being chosen for you ever? In other words, do you have complete freedom of choice, or is there a "fitting in with our current operational requirements" to a certain degree?

Something else just comes to mind, supposing I stayed on at school for A levels, and then joined standard entry - career-wise would I be worse off for two years inferiority to the JE soldiers of my age, or would we quickly even out due to qualifications? And the same question again, but for a MEng - is a 22 year old graduate soldier sufficiently qualified to "make up for" the six years he could have been in already - or does the REME not care much for qualifications, even if engineering oriented?

Cheers all.
Firstly going in as a JE has some pro's and cons .....remember if you do a 2 year NVQ or BTEC at college your not getting paid the £13488/£17000 a year you would be in Winchester/Arborfield. Moneys not everything some people arent ready to leave home at 16 and need those extra few years in college..........homesickness is the hardest hurdle you will have. Regarding trade you would be allocated (if very lucky) if you get a high enough IDST score at ADSC for Avionics/electronics and once you have finished your 23 weeks at Winchester go to SEAE at Arborfield for your trade course...once you have done the initial foundation courses they will decide what is your final trade path.

If you were to do A levels first then want to go onto be a REME officer then the next thing you got to take in account how much your spending to do your degree and whos funding you through Uni ..............also remember Regular soldiers hands on........dont expect to be picking up spanners and working on kit as a REME officer.

Best thing speak to your local ACIO and they can work out whats the best course of action...just remember though places for RE/REME are extremely tight.


Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, the lack of hands-on as it were is what concerns me about joining as a REME officer. What I meant above, was would staying on for A levels, even a degree see any benefit if I were to then join REME as a soldier still? Or would those that did JE, and then have 6+ years experience over me remain my superior?

I'm just trying to suss out whether in the long-run your better off joining early and getting experience, or getting educated and qualified - then getting in.

At the moment my plan is to stay on for A levels and a degree, and meanwhile join 6 RIFLES so that I can get some experience too - and those 6 years should let me make a more informed decision on several counts: "do I still want to do this full-time, or is being in TA enough for me", "is elec tech still appealing to me, or would I rather remain inf", and "soldier or officer".

That's the basic version of plan for now anyway, as long as I have a plan, I'm usually happy - got all the bases covered then.

Thanks again!

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