Junior Entry to Royal Signals

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by matt0638, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. Any advice re trades

    current interests in order Comms Sys Eng Comms Sys Op.
    Any advice re above and a 3rd choice which ideally should be IT / comms related but may not be RS eg RE C2C or RLC Comms
    Many thanks
  2. Whatever trade you end up doing , you will probably spend a lot of time cleaning the underneath of the vehicle, and the ancillary eqpt, then going out on exercise and getting it covered in shite again. Mind you there is a lot more going on today than when all we had to fight was boredom. so hopefully less pointless bullshit. i enjoyed being a jnr soldier though, dont let my 80's mindset put you off.Get a trade you can use when you get out. good luck .
  3. I would suggest CS Eng then EW Op then Inst Tech!

    CS Op I would avoid as no real skills or quals for civvie st. Mind you neither does EW but the job is a lot better! You do the Op Cse then the EW course.