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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Mind_Set, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,
    my query is the fact that as i am hopefully going for junior entry (currently on medical questionnaire of the application process) some of the roles i am considering require me to have some GCSE's, as i am in my last year i will receive my certificates this year, but when will i be required to hand in my certificates? when would be the latesttime i could hand them in? as i could potentially be on ADSC during christmas time
  2. Don't strress about it, as loads of kids will be in the same position.

    Do your best to bet the best results you can, good luck!
  3. its not the stressing about the results its the stressing about when i would need to give them in before
  4. H3

    H3 LE

    Best result is to go and ask at your local ACIO ... Most of the buggers on here ain't got a CSE let alone a GCSE !!!!
  5. Hahaha, ;) might pop down there soon then,
  6. We go on your predicted grades to start with (we confirm this on your school reference we get back from your head teacher). If you pass at ADSC with a job requiring GCSEs then you may provissionally get offered a job with those predicted grades.however come 24th/25th August when you get your GCSE Results you need to show your results to the ACIO and if you dont get those grades you were predicted you will not be able to go for the job you had been allocated if it requires GCSEs.
  7. is it definate that you get provisionally offered a job?
  8. Only if you pass ADSC with a really good grade and there your in the top spaces for that particular job.......so you have to perform well to get offered that provisional place.I was just answering your question in relation to your GCSE results.
  9. as i am targetted straight A's bar maths (B) will this in any way help me get a provisional offer?
  10. You want to be careful with your typing if you ever try and put your topic into Google
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  11. No your GCSE grades will have no reflection on your IDST score at ADSC...all your GCSEs will do is open up more jobs..........if your predicted grades are all above Cs as you say then you dont really need to panic over your GCSE grades just concentrate on getting a good score at ADSC (but also do as well on your exams as you can)
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  12. ahh okay, still sounds alright. and what regiment are you in if you dont mind me asking?