Junior Entry / Paras Run Time

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Jayymayyn, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. I asked this before but still cant find the answer

    Do Junior entry recruits who want to go to Harrogate then the paras have to run at ADSC the para run time of 9:14-9:40min or junior entry time of 14:00min

    no sarcastic answers please
  2. In my prospectus it says something about you have to run it within Harrogate time (14 mins) and then whatever regiment you go on to join you then have to run it in that time, This is just how it comes across, best thing to do is go see your recruiter, have you applied for harrogate already?
    I got my pre selection next week in chepstow :)
  3. Thanks for that mate. (y)
    i just done my Barb today and got 72
    Just got to get my medical and interview done
    then pre selection and selection
    hopefully it all happens before harrogates next intake
  4. So why didn't you enquire with your recruiter if you were there today?
  5. because i wernt thinking about it then i was concentrating on the barb
    oh well my questions answered now

  6. Because he's a nobber who got told to ask his recruiter when he enquired this morning and obviously didn't take that piece of advice or the advice to use the search function either.
  7. Fairly certain Paras require sub 9.30. Try to get yourself on the Insight Course to get the best idea of what's required.
  8. ok joker calm down mate you dont have to show how tough you are on the internet you keyboard warrior :)
  9. Act like a mong, you'll get treated like a mong. Wind your neck in.
  10. Well you commented on my post so you wind ya neck in
  11. That's the point,I'm not, but you were given advice this morning which you obviously chose not to heed by at least 3 other people before that thread got deleted for some unknown reason. The recruiters are there for a reason, plese try to use them, that's what they get paid for unless you fancy slipping a few quid to Holidays4Heroes for the advice given here.


  12. ok cool
    but you must realise i posted that first question a few hours after i got home from the careers office because i forgot to ask them then , so because my first question wasnt answered completely and then deleted for some reason i asked again , so please dont insult me just because im trying to get a question answered
  13. You have a phone, use it. Your recruiter has all the answers you want and need.
  14. ok but i dont need to now my question is answered
  15. You can still hold it for future reference.