Junior entry Infantry ?

I was at the local army careers office friday and they told me that I should go for a junior entry in the Infantry.

But what actually is the difference between a normal entry and a junior ?

Will I be doing different things during training, will I be based else where instead of Catterick ? them sort of questions I need answering if any could help me please.


I'm sure the local Army careers office will be able to give you a sensible answer.
Why don't you ask at the careers office or try the army website?
Because I was busy all saturday and there closed on Sundays, So I was wondering if anyone could give me a lil insight of what it's about on here.

Or if anyone could send me a link to information via there website, that would be great help.
In short, you'll attend one of the two junior entry training establishments before you go to the ITC at catterick. You'll do less time at the ITC because of your prior training. After that it's everything as normal.
Go to a careers office and get it explained in full.
If your going JE Infantry you would go to AFC Harrogate first for 42 weeks ( a year long altogether) these intakes are September or January....you have to of finished year 11 and now goes up to 17:5.

Once completed phase 1 you would go to ITC Catterick for a further 14 weeks to continue your Infantry training.

If you was going as adult you would go straight to ITC Catterick for 26 weeks.

Have a look round the joining up regular forumn as lots of useful tips and speak to your local ACIO again

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