Junior Entry, Applying at 15 and 7 months..

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by moodymoddy, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. First up - Awesome forum, Very humourous but informative at the same time! Been lurking about here for ages - but I've decided to post as you guys might be able to give me a hand!

    I'll be 15 and 7 months in a matter of weeks, and according to the MOD website - you can apply at this age. Now I really want to apply as soon as possible because if I leave it to my 16th birthday - Theres no way I'd be able to get into the September intake at AFC(H). Which is what I *really* want. (Bearing in mind, My birthdate being the end of July.) If I applied at the earliest I can, The end of Febuary - What do you think the chances are of getting into the September intake would be? (assuming all went well)

    So here comes the first question: Do you advise going in at the earliest opportunity? I know a lot of you guys have gone through Harrogate, and some are going soon (*tries to hide envy* :p). This is something I've always wanted to do, for numerous reasons - It's not like I've awoken one day and thought "The army seems a good idea!".

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels a little bloated and unfit after christmas - so fitness is also a big thing on my mind at the moment. I plan on sorting this out and going for a jog everyday starting from next week, Slowly progressing from round a medium sized field, to 2.. then 3. Combined with press-ups, sit-ups and swimming - this should help me prepare for the fitness test. [I wont mention the gym as I ended up having my gym membership cancelled for erm.. lack of use :p] But does anyone else have any tips?

    Also - Does anyone have tips for presenting a good impression when I do go to the recruiting office? Or any tips in general? I plan on getting in contact with a friend who attended AFC(H) last year. Aswell as a friend who was accepted into ATR(B) and attended for about 5 weeks. (Left due to family problems)

    Thanks guys! (I'm now off to carry on going through The Training Wing and looking for information :p)

    [Yeah, Sorry about "yet another I want to join at 16" thread...]
  2. i was 15 and 8 months when i first went to careers office although i was 16 and a half by the time i went to training
  3. Any reasons for taking that long?

    I had a friend who went to the careers office about May last year, and was told that had he not failed his fitness test, he would most likely have ended up in the September intake.
  4. Good luck whatever you end up doing. My son went to Harrogate but he was almost the oldest you can be there. He had a great time though and has been in 3 years now and just back from Afghan.
  5. I joined at 16 and 8 months in 1989 (you can work out how old I am now). And I have got no complaints (well....I might have some but that is for a different thread).

    Go for it!! Speak to your Careers Office ASAP.
  6. I was 2 months short of my 16th birthday when i got my forming up/intake date in the October i.e I had taken all my tests, medical, etc, so i must have applied x amount of months before?..In those days you got a thing called the Junior Army Acceptance certificate stating the intake date..my certificate was dated October, so i just had to keep out of trouble and stay fit until the following June (intake date) So, yes, apply at the earliest opportunity. I was a Cadet Sgt at the time so keeping my mind on what i was doing and where i was going was easy enough but it wasn't so easy to motivate myself for school homework and exams , etc.

    Tips? keep your mouth shut , your ears open, feck off any bullies and help the weaker members of your section... and enjoy it.

    Cheers. Have a good 2008
  7. Grow up, it's new year, get pissed!
  8. ditto lol i missed harrogate, but how bad can catterick be...LOL...in the end because AFC does longer training I'll be in quicker than I would have by going catterick however this means i can pass and be in before 18 and might have to sit and twiddle my thumbs if my regiment goes operational...not good... :x

    coincidently I went in may this year...may is bad luck lol, but mine was extra delays for being foreign birth and then signing up with an irish passport(which is how im still here in the uk) and then getting sent back for a possible injury which i told them wasn't affecting anything so my GP said the same and i went back up and passed:) but those hours and hours of travelling by train or SO FUN :evil:
  9. moody check your PM
  10. I missed the 2007 September intake for AFC(H) because of medical reasons at ADSC, so my advice is start applying the day you can because if there are problems at any stage of the application at least you will have some time to correct it, luckly I was sent to ADSC again and passed in October and have now made it for the 2008 january intake.

    Also about the fitness... like alot of other people have said dont worry too much about it... if you are generally fit you will have no problem passing ADSC thats only if you get past the medical stage fist.

    If you would like to know anything else I would be happy to help.

  11. Start the application in February with your BARB test and medical forms but you wouldnt be able to go down until around April if your lucky with your forms at the earliest (16.9 for ADSC if mature enough). The PSO's at ADSC arent too happy about year 11's going down in May/June during the exams to ADSC selection so you might find you go down after exams if meet all the requirements on your application, fitness and interviews.
    Dependant on your job, if not many places available for that job in September intake you may find your pushed to the January intake because you have two bites of the cherry with your age(older ones who turn 17.1 in Oct, Nov, Dec 08 only can go in September intake). A lot will go on what job your going for, what your predicted MAQ grades are and finally what results you get in August)

    Speak to your recruiter in February and get a BARB test booked as soon as your 15.7 and he ill advise you better.
  12. Thanks all of you! I've decided to go for it!

    [leguy: Checking my PMs]
  13. i had to finish school first and do my GCSE's and went into basic at the beginning of july a couple of weeks later.Was accepted into the army at the sutton colfield army selection place thingy the november before.i am sure it would have been quicker if it hadnt been for me still being at school.
  14. you sound like your keen moddy, just turn upto the careers office looking smart and clean shaved, dont worry too much about getting into basic NOW!!! your colour service dosent start until your 18 anyway, i joined at just less than 17 and things like your pension and 5 year bonus money dont start until your 18 anyway. good luck mate
  15. Yes went through Sutton Coldfield aswell but as stated above now you cant join till August at ADC Bassingbourn or September at AFC Harrogate once youve finished school/exams at year 11 and be over 16 years of age. Even those who left/thrown out school early arent allowed to join till Aug/sep.