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michelle c

Hi, My son is in the process of applying as a je at either Harrogate or Wincheser. He has been given a job sheet. It has 37 jobs on it, mostly infantry or cewman jobs. He expressed an interest in two others though< one being a pioneer in the Royal Logistics Corps, his recruiter put him off this saying it was essentially a grave diggers job. Please could somebody enlighten us on the facts. Also do you only have a choice of those jobs on the sheet or are they just a guide. One of his other interest were Armoured Engineer. What would people advise. His recruiter keeps trying to sway infantry which I would rather he didnt do. I know it is his choice but all this as left him confused and he has his interview on Friday. Sorry for long post.

michelle c

He has already looked on there. He liked the look of the pioneer job with Royal Logistic Corps but his recruiter said it was essentially a grave diggers job. I was hoping a pioneer may be able to give me first hand knowledge.
Im in a very similar situation! Im deciding between CRE - Armoured engineer and th RLC Pioneer.

While the armoured engineer looks like a more interesting job, what would you do when you get back to civvy street? As the trade isnt as obvious as some of the other trades, for example plumber and heating, carpentry etc. Also how much action would you see from outside of the trojan or titan vehicles, using an assaut rifle? I am aware your a soldier first, but due to not bineg infantry i was wondering how much action you would see!

The pioneer also looks good, however ive heard many people descibe it also as a 'grave digger' and 'sandbag filler' job. However from a pioneer you can go onto many more specialist roles which look really interesting, sucha s 'Combat assault engineer'. But form what i know, mainly from this site, the job has a very bad reputation! :O

Besides looking at the Army website, i was also wondering the opinions of people who may have been in the army, and as to what lifes is really like within these two jobs/corps. Also advantages/ disadvantages of each and which is better, in your opinion.

Many thanks :)
RE Careers - British Army Website

Have a look at the Royal Engineers website. There are some pages and links which should help inform regarding the various trades the Corps has to offer.

Additionally, follow the Role Finder link below and do some wider research.

Role Finder - British Army Website

I advise your son to ask his Recruiter if he can attend the Royal Engineers Insight Course which is free, and the best way of learning first-hand what trades are available and what they entail.

RE Insight Course - British Army Website
Just looking at your post. I'm attending selection 19th July, which is just over a week from now. If i pass, ill be going to Harrogate for JE Pioneer!
It would be great to know if your son is wanting to still be a pioneer.

When I was in Pre selection on my final interview, they asked me are you sure you want to be picking body parts of the floor? That was the first time i heard about 'grave diggers'.
You also have to take into account availability for each of those jobs, with only 4 places left for Pioneer in January 2012 (if not already been allocated) and 0 places for Armoured engineer at this moment pencilled till after April 2012 maybe the Recruiter has a bit more of an idea. If you have got concerns that you believe your son is not being advised properly speak to the recruiter or senior Recruiter about it and Im sure you will get a good explanation.

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