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Hi, My son is in the process of applying as a je at either Harrogate or Wincheser. He has been given a job sheet. It has 37 jobs on it, mostly infantry or cewman jobs. He expressed an interest in two others though< one being a pioneer in the Royal Logistics Corps, his recruiter put him off this saying it was essentially a grave diggers job. Please could somebody enlighten us on the facts. Also do you only have a choice of those jobs on the sheet or are they just a guide. One of his other interest were Armoured Engineer. What would people advise. His recruiter keeps trying to sway infantry which I would rather he didnt do. I know it is his choice but all this as left him confused and he has his interview on Friday. Sorry for long post.


I'm Infantry so am not an expert in either the Royal Engineers or Pioneers within the RLC. Though if it were me I'd choose the Royal Engineers.

There are some good job opportunities in the Infantry, the only problem is that he won't necessarily be pushed towards them as he might be in a Corps. However, these jobs won't always lead to qualifications which would be applicable to civilian life when he leaves, though he can gain things like NVQs in subjects ranging from Communications to Security as well as the opportunity the work towards things like GCSEs, A Levels or even Degrees in his own time (he can do this in any unit) and the Army will pay for a portion of his courses once he's passed them.

Get him to have a look through the list and see which jobs appeal to him and then have a look at the Army careers website and see what the jobs are all about. You'll probably get better responses and advice if you can give us an idea of the trades he fancies and then you can weigh up the pros and cons of each.
Thanks for your quick reply. He like the sound of a pioneer from the website but when he mentioned this to his recruiter he said he was essentially a grave diggers job. I was hoping there was maybe some pioneers on the forum that could say otherwise.
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