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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by follow-the-sapper, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. I am a recently qualified Junior Drill Instructor serving in the Royal Engineers with a potential posting to a training regiment looming i am left with a predicament.

    i spoke to my unit SQMS and been told i am entitled to nothing, i have spoken to a friend who has completed the ADVANCED drill course and he has been issued with the following

    Ammo Boot
    DMS Boots
    Olive Green Jumper
    Pace Stick
    Red Sash
    Khaki SD Cap
    Brown Chin Strap
    Plastic Brown Drill Instructor Belt (Drop Belt Style)

    i am looking for the NSN number for these items also weather or not i am entitled to any of this, as both my SQMS and SSM ave shed no light what so ever

    also i am looking for the order of dress

  2. in my experience - i was an instructor at an ATR - the RE that did the drillies course had to buy their own brown straps, belts and sticks, as does any other corps.

    As for the Ammo boots, they can be issued, green jumpers. were you not issued them initially???

    As for the sash, if you are a sgt in a position that needs one - ATR or RP or similar or even some Inf regt then you could see the C/SQMS. The Khaki cap i believe you can get issued - not RE so not sure. DMS are old and only ammo boots minus the studs.

    hope this helps
  3. vma78-

    DMS are not Ammo Boots without the studs. The former have a Direct Moulded Sole (rumoured to be made of cardboard covered in plastic); the latter good, sturdy leather soles.
  4. fair one point taken was fortunate not to have to endure these so not much knowledge just my uneducated opinion

    i stand corrected thanks for the information

  5. I may be old & smell of wee, but I only wore DMS as a Cadet - by the time I joined up properly we had BCH ;)