Junior Brecon???????

Ive Got Dramas, Just Recently passed my Pnco cadre. Being infantry, was 6 weeks long with two weeks in breocon gettin thrashed round the hills and two visits to the peny fan. Winners.
Passed and came top of the class MINT!! I thought, till my co comes up to me after the pass off parade and sez i qoute '' lcpl Green, fancy juniors in september'' STOPPAGE!!!!!!!! Im 21 years old. Does anyone think its right to go straight onto juinors having just turned a lance jack, with a tour of helmand next year i was obliged to think some experiance commanding men would be needed before being a section commander in a war zone. Or should i thimk, hey they must think im up for it thats get the c##t cracked, any ideas fellas.
Well, id say go for it, as if your a lance jack now, and would have been off to helmand, u would likely be commanding at some point anyway. So why not jump up the ladder (if you pass) When did you pass of from crows? btw.
If you're fit and switched on you'll find Junior Brecon a doddle. Newly commisioned officers come out of Sandhurst commanding a rifle Platoon so there's no reason why a junior Lance Corporal can't command a section! It's hardly rocket science is it?


Scarletto, the question is would you rather lead soldiers on ops having had the best training you could get, or do it on the basis of the PJNCO cadre? Given the choice I would go for Junior Brecon, and gain as much knowledge as you can. As you have only just promoted, you will still be LCpl JG, but with the benefit of juniors.
Go for it, you weren't given top student for nothing. Passes aren't given away at Brecon and you'll get the grade you deserve. If someone has an issue with it, its their problem not yours. Good luck.
I agree Duke, but even though it was JNCO course, id still say it would give him the neccessary training, as if he hadnt passed out top, he would still be a jnco leading a section at some stage??? Id say go for it, but as Fally says wouldnt be much different than a rupert going to his platoon???


Go for it. Never, never, never, never, never turn down a career course unless you have a really compelling reason. Self doubt doesn't count.
Doing it now certainly cant hurt your career, but turning it down would appear churlish. As in all aspects of life, grab every opportunity that comes within your grasp, who knows, you may be destined for great things.


cpunk said:
Go for it. Never, never, never, never, never turn down a career course unless you have a really compelling reason. Self doubt doesn't count.
Agree absolutely, also consider that some (many) of your fellow students will probably have recent Op experience for you to draw on. Work hard, do well.

Go but spend the whole course telling everyone who will listen that you never wanted to come. That will mean they will respect you and understand your postion
If you say no he may not think of you next time...

If the old man didnt think you were up to it he wouldnt suggest it

Just my two penneth worth
Take the opportunity.

I was your age when I came top of my JNCO Cadre. Went to Brecon within four months and got a distinction. Get stuck in. You never know when the next chance is coming.


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Do it.

It may not mean instant promotion to the dizzy hights of Local/Unpaid/Cpl but at least it is out of the way (if you pass) and can only be good for your career and for building up your personal knowledge base. The powers that be may then feel you need a bit of experience first to bed in your knowledge, but it is much better to have done it at this stage than being held up as an older LCpl who can't get on the course.

Enjoy :twisted:
For good tips just watch this video and replace the desert with trees rain and sheep. :D
Hes talking about doing the course, not commanding a section, get it out the way asap, I've seen too many careers stalled by tours.
Go for it Fella. I went on Juniors when id only been a lance jack for 9 month and its done me no harm. The training at the funny farm is awesome. Good Luck
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