Junior Brecon, advice please


Ive just found out at pretty short notice i can get onto the above course.

At present i dont have joining instructions etc but if anyone who has attended the course recently could give any tips/info etc i would appreciate it
Sorry mate, did it 10 years ago.

Good luck and enjoy, it is one of the best courses I have done.

Oh, and lots of Nirex and waterproof everything!


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If you're on the Juniors part of the course be prepared for a hectic two weeks you will have command appointments thrown at you thick and fast both as Section I/C and 2 I/C. On my course they did not allow Seniors or Officers to fill 2 I/C slots and with an average of 4 Juniors, 2 Officers and 2 Seniors per Section you'll be in a command appointment of some sort every day but hey thats why you're there.

Make sure you're fit. There is no substitute for fitness on the course. The CFT is very emotional. Ours was helmets worn, a minimum of 55lbs but everything from the SOP Packing List for Webbing and Daysacks had to be included so the weight was often higher. Gunners I believe had an average of 70-75lbs. Time wise the main group crosses the finish line in approx 40 minutes. Not bad for a 4 miler with some fairly cheeky hills.

Knowledge wise ensure that you know all your Section Battle Drills, can mapread and confidently use Clansman PRC. Everything else will be taught on the course.

Above all just grin and bear it and play the game. Shout when you need to, look after you're blokes when you're in command appointment (especially as 2 I/C). Remember that one the SI's will always be watching you and nothing is missed with regards to your performance.

Kit wise we were allowed to use our own daysacks but take the yoke for the rocket packs just in case. Top tip is to take a laminator, approx 50 A4 laminating pouches and a guilotene (sp.). This will make the first night of the course a lot more bearable and means that you might even get to the bar.

It's a top course and if you're keen you will come away knowing loads. I went thinking I knew pretty much everything when it comes to commanding a Rifle Section but it quickly turned out I knew sweet fcuk all. Personally I wish I could do it again. Have fun and remember there is no such thing as a Brecon Myth - it's all true!
Get fit.

Sounds like a simple joke response, but when you are taking cover in a river llooking up Mhairdi ( sp? ) or X Range knowing that the en are RIGHT AT THE TOP you will wish you where fitter.

Top course, produces the best Infantry JNCOs in the world.


If you look on the MOD website i'm certain that the joining instructions are on there look under ITC Wales, also has kit list for CEFO/Bergan etc.


20 years ago, dont fail day one BFT and for gods sake its only 2 weeks. You are not going to war so get on withit and enjoy it. Bomb up every day before you weigh your kit. That is about all you need oh and keep all your kit packed up in the field, the moment you dont want it the DS will bug you out and make you look a muppet. Remember the big kit heck in the field takes place at the end of the ex so you cant nip back to the block for the heavy stuff you hoped you wouldnt get caught without!
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