I've had a search but can't find anything relevant on the forum. Please be gentle.
Foolishly I stuck my hand up for an 8 week course at the jungle and COIN school in India and am wondering what boots (I've asked for issue but god knows whether they'll arrive in time) and whether I should wear PCS or my old CS95 or try and get tropicals or what. I haven't been to afghan yet so I don't have MTP, and I'm not sure about that thick heavy material in the jungle. Any thoughts?
Google Altama Jungle Boots for starters, if issue looks like it wont happen mail order off the net and should have them in a week. In my experience the width fitting is a little on the slim side, so order appropriately. Better still try a pair on, where are you? Any surplus stores near you?
a) How long until you go?

b) Have you spoken with your RQMS/QM?

There's always a chance of getting a specific clothing package via your Bde HQ BOWO - the lightweight PCS demands can go through for up to 5 people without crazy high HQ approval being needed...
Thanks. Those Altamas look nice, I have asked the QM and RQMS; but we're now on leave for 3 weeks, then straight to BATUS, then only a month to the course start (October). The course is 8 weeks long. I think the jungle boots have been demanded, but let's be honest, getting me junglies is nobody's priority. I called silvermans and they've got altberg ones so I'll go try them on.

How about uniform? Any thoughts?
The jungle school there is not in what I would call "Jungle". At best it is secondry jungle, but much of the area is a warm version of what you would come across in the UK.

Most folk wear "normal" uniform. For example, the yanks wore standard BDU with sleeves rolled and Danner boots. The Indian instructors mainly wore DMS boots or hi legs. No "jungle" boots.

The climate is more like a warm summers day than jungle, and its quite a dry heat compared to Brunei and Belize. There are areas of dense foilage, but nothing to get concerned at.

You will more than likely spend some time up in the mountains so warm kit will be needed too.

I found this photo online which illustrates the point. This is one of the helipads in the foothills.

And this is about as junglie as it gets..
2/51; thanks for the info. What sort of boots do you reckon then? I've got some altberg microlite dessies, or a normal temperate boot? Your info is really useful: I assumed I was going to be to my neck in a swamp picking leeches off my balls but it looks relatively temperate.
Whilst it does look relatively 'temperate', so is the UK, and Jungle boots keep your feet nice and cool, and will dry quicker than all leather boots. I defer to 2/51 Local knowledge, but Jungles will be fine in the environment he describes, plus they are cheaper than most boots on the market. Dont get anything Goretex though.

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