Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by grab_a_spoon!, Apr 10, 2005.

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  1. do we as signals ever get the chance to go out and do any jungle training? i gather the s.f guys do, but do the normal signals units?
    i've herd of jungle treks, but never of an exercise or ought like that.
  2. I've done a bit, but i spent a year and a half posted in the far east. I do know a Sigs SSgt who has completed the Jungle Warfare Instructors Course. There is no real need in the scheme of things for us to be jungle trained, It would probably have to be a right time right place thing. Doesnt stop you applying for the courses though.

  3. great course for growing an itchy beard and getting leishmaniasis
  4. 30 sigs have started doing exercises in belize and you get a week in the jungle but its just the basic's. still good fun!!!
  5. grab a spoon there was once a blessed time in the corps when all was well with budget and finance.

    many moons ago there was an excellent queens gurkha signals excercise called jungle trooper, departed to brunei via hong kong for some time in the trees.

    although mostly ran out of hong kong, myself and many other brits left 30 sigs for some jungle training.

    and my point is....non really spent all my time in the balkans and desert!
  6. I think you are missing the point Delbut, if you hadn't done the JWC you would have spent all of your career in jungle!!
  7. Strangley enough I happen to be on a jungle exercise as we speak. In the most disease ridden place on earth also commonly known as white mans grave.

    Its a 14SR thing and if our OC gets his way could be quite regular proving HF comms out in Sierra Leone.