Jungle Warfare Specialist

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ExplosiveKiwi, Dec 11, 2011.

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  1. What are the chances of becoming a Jungle Warfare Specialist (International Jungle Patrols Course) if you're in the Parachute Regiment?

    Can anyone/any nco apply?
  2. Have you considered worrying about passing basic training 1st?
  3. Just make sure you bring it up every time you see a recruiter or member of the Army. If you show that you're dead keen, you'll be guaranteed a place on the course.
  4. None, because there is no such course to turn you into a "Specialist".

    The International Jungle Warfare Advisors course (Belize) is just that..you are qualified to advise on training, it does not make you an expert/specialist.

    You also have to be a minimum of Corporal (Sgt for Brunei) and the course normally only takes in groups of 6-8 so you better have some mates to go with you.

    As the course is 6 weeks plus 4 days pre-course acclimitisation, you better have an understanding boss who believes jungle training is going to be useful to your unit.

    I have spent a lot of time in the jungle in Brunei both in the military and as a civvy, and each time I was up the Ulu I lost a good stone in weight. It is extremely demanding both physically and mentally.
  5. Thanks for the answers.

    PrinceAlbert: I'm currently in the process of sorting out joining paperwork, so no I'm not yet even in basic, but I'm just interested in looking down possible career paths.

    2/51: Assuming that's a no-no then but if I ever did get the go-ahead, I understand the demands the jungle places on an individual. It's nothing in comparison but I've spent a week hiking (pretty bloody quickly) in the Indonesian rainforest and lost a good 5-6lbs despite the huge servings of rice and 'Piri' fruit we downed.