Jungle Tracker Brunei

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by stevieni22, Jun 19, 2010.

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  2. You need to speak to a Gurkha. Send me a pm if you don't get a good response from the thread.
  3. Why would you need to do that? They dont run the course. Speak to Training Team Brunei, look them up in the mil directory and remember the 7 hour time difference at the moment.
  4. Do we still use the Iban tribe?

    They were the DB's.
  5. Combat Tracker course? Lucky so and so......now if I was 30 /40 years younger!

    Good luck, enjoy the course.
  6. Don't know whether any of the phone numbers in here are any good to you but hope it helps. :)

    Enjoy the jungle.
  7. Errrrrrr noooooo............... You are reminiscing about the Malayan campaign aren't you?
  8. Lucky git, I know. I went on a 'Long Look' in '79 hoping the Kiwis (next to the Iban) might be running a version in the Land of the Wrong White Crowd.
    I have a book on 'Tracking' which I'll detail tomorrow when I'm better placed. It's written by an instructor and good friend who served at JWS.
  9. Yes, they do use 2 x Iban tribesmen still and a super talented WO1. I was there 2004-06 and the things they don't know about the jungle ain't worth knowing!
  10. Yes C_S they were/are damn good, we used them as Scouts during the Borneo campaign though there were some Kayans and Kenyah in their ranks too.
    Back then they all had the old headless body tattood on their throats.
  11. I have a book on 'Tracking' which I'll detail tomorrow when I'm better placed. It's written by an instructor and good friend who served at JWS.

    My Bold - 'The Complete Guide to Tracking' by Bob Carss (ISBN 0 094 79560 6 )
    It was first published in 1999 by Constable & Company Ltd.

    Bob did a couple of tours at JWS.
  12. My apologies for shooting from the hip there :oops:
  13. :) :)

    I was in Singapore and came across the Iban in Malaya in '76.

    As C_S said what they don't know ain't worth knowing.
  14. Might be of interest to a few... http://pgbwarrior.blogspot.com/2009/08/iban-trackers-and-reformed-sarawak.html

    I was brought up in Brunei as a child and then went on to serve in the garrison at Seria. I spent many many nights in various longhouses with the Ibans or out on the Kampongs with the Dyaks (the coastal tribe) and learnt much.

    The tails of headhunting the Japanese and Indonesians always sent a chill down my spine, especially as many of the skulls were hanging up at the door..as a reminder to the Ibans fearsome past.

    As for tracking....many tails of that too..some not so believable..the old rice beer always made the stories taller :)
  15. Hey, wouldn´t it be great if you could pack all your kit in electronic form? You could just chuck a memory stick in your bergan!

    Another contribution from "helpful comments R US"

    Good luck on the course.