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Jungle Survival!

So, according to the trainee beauty therapist that got lost in North Queensland all you need to survive in the jungle is chewing gum!!!

All that time wasted in Belize being eaten half to death by insects - i could have just gone down the local paper shop and got a bumper box of chuggie!

Anybody care to share their thoughts on this piece of brilliance?
What an Idiot!!!! Fancy wandering in to the jungle on your own thinking "I know I'll just pop up that Hill and admire th view" One Very Very LUCKY girl!!!!

Wheres me Hubba bubba gone??
I suppose she thought she might find anita rodick and get a few beauty tips.....opps sorry she's playing at being homeless, fat, useless.....
Wish it bloody was.....

Any handy tips and hints on survival tins, pouches etc or horror stories from escapades into belize, brunei etc etc?
Definitely crockerdippypig.  Possible publicly thing?  Looks remarkably well for three days without food, living on 'sugar fee' gum.  Next appearance on New Popsters, or Blind Pig ?
Fat people should be burned for fuel.....

Silly bint, walked up a mountain with no kit/food, cost loads to the ozzies (serves them right for kickin our ass at cricket!) cos she got lost, could only be a spl*t a*se.  

Good solution, put the pig on a running machine wired into the ozzie national grid and the chubber could lose a few pounds whilst paying back her debt by making electricity.... :D :D :D
A bit unkind to call this tenatious young lady a hippocrocofrog.  Young lass done well.  OK she shouldn't have gone up there in the first place, but cracking effort digging herself out.

............I've had worse.
............I've had worse.
Ahh, in my experience, the quote "I've had worse" when issued from the mouth of a squaddie, usually means that the recipient was possibly a mammal and maybe alive.

Not an outstanding recommendation!

I do think hippocrocofrog was a bit unfair. More of a kangarillapig.
Voluntarily removed

OK some of my posts have gone close to the wire recently.  I am tidying up my act with immediate effect.  The buck stops here.   :-[

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