Jungle Sleeping bag - Any good for UK in Early Summer/Spring

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Will.I.Am, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. Pretty much as the heading says.

    Any one used this on ex during the early summer months or am I better off with the normal doss bag?


  2. Jungle one is fine, take a liner in case though.
  3. Ta much, figured it would be.

  4. I took one on a 2 week field ex nr Catterick in Sept. and although I didn't die (doh!), I was really cold..... no liner though!
  5. So two weeks on Hankley Common/Longmoor in May will be no dramas then
  6. Take a good liner and some spare warm kit, you'll make it....

    Personally, I'd take a slightly warmer bag like a Vango or Softie, but hey, everybody's different.
  7. I'm a soldier in her majesties australian forces and I use a Softie 3 sleeping bag wherever I go, and that includes the hottest parts of this god forsaken continent. So if it works for me here then it should work in england mate :D :D :D
  8. £20 for a brand spanker from Jasper at Strike Force and "borrowed" Snugpak fleece liner from a yank mate.
  9. I used one in Caerwent in October. Just stuck a fleece on in the morning, absoluely fine.

    But apparently I'm an animal.
  10. I got mine from Strike Force too. I've never used it outside though, though I suspect it would be fine with a bit of extra insulation like a bivi jacket. In the good ol' days before Gucci kit, I made do with a Gore-Tex bivi bag (from Survival Aids) and Chinese Fighting Suit in lieu of a bag proper.

    Those were the days when I was putting in OPs with Johnny 'Three Bollocks' and Fiji Bob and crapping in Tescos bags. This was waay before Lowas, softies and 49 Para's balcony party at the Tasmanian Embassy blah blah etc.