Jungle Rumours


I have heard from a reliable int source, who must remain nameless, that if the fires at each oilfield in Brunei were to be extinguished, the resultant climatic change would dry out the jungles sufficently to allow roads to be built. This would mean JWIC students would not have to carry so much food on Ex, as resupply would be easier and the jungles would thin out. The JWW would then become redundant, along with the instructors.
If the DS at the JWW were a little less concerned about their jobs, cared more for the environment and campainged to put the fires out, the world would be a better place,
and JWIC students would not have to carry do much on Ex!!   Save The Planet and Stop The Fires!!!!!!!!!1


The more worrying rumours are the ones about the v. convincing lady boys that line the fence behind the JWIC accom in Brunei - and the fact that the course are not told the facts about them until the day after their arrival!

Even more interesting is the number of students who return to the fence on night 2 - go airborne!
I do hope this isn't a sly way of getting round the editing that needed to go on in another thread on the issue of JWIC and the instructors therefof.

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