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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by teehee, Jan 22, 2006.

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  1. ok need some help here
    jungle boots...without killing my bank ballance too much but ill be there in jungle bout 2 months so dont want shit ones which are good?
    hammocks...want one which has a mozzie net easily fixable...which one is good but also light and small
    any other bits of kit that make jungle life a breeze?
  2. Without killing your bank balance, use your issued boots, hammock and mosi-net

    If it's jungle boots your after, try Altberg Patrol/Sarawak/Jungle microlites, but order them now because you may have to wait

    The HM Supplies hammock is cheap (£20 ?) and use it with the issued mosi-net

    Buy lycra shorts (RonHill or similar, not the cycling shorts with padded inserts!) and a small plastic tub of nappy-rash cream, go commando but use this kit if required after long tabs, etc

    A good sharpening kit is required for the issued tree-beater

    Mosi-rep - you will prob have taken off you by crab-air, so use the issued stuff

    Minimal wash kit, but unscented baby-wipes are v useful

    Extra water-bottle or camelbak and spare puritabs (only six in ratpack and they may get wet)

    Use 35mm camera film containers (or similar) to store paludrine and puritabs (write on them - don't get them mixed up !)

    Try and get a framed bergen (alice pack or old-style para bergen) or one of the sabre packs from johnbullclothing (Catterick) if your on foot, will save you mucho problems from 'bergen rash'

    Ortlieb bags - black ones and the clear ones (or similar) to protect your kit, have at least two in different sizes because they are the only things which will keep your kit dry week after week (plastic bags will split at the worst possible times)

    Couple of candles, pref citronella (doesn't matter about the smell, you can only use them if your non-tac)
  3. Forgot to add:

    High factor sunblock might be needed for some areas, even if you are 'naturally tanned' and can double up as cream for ballbag/bergen rash

    Savlon cream or betadine

    Lightweight warm kit such as a thin fleece sweater - no wah - depending on where you are going it may still get cold (Mt Kinabalu, Mt Kenya, etc, technically in 'jungle' areas)
  4. Bench grinder or best left behind and get one of these

    Bahco 396 Lap Laplander Folding Pruning Saw , £26 + P&P on E bay or £15 on Amazon.

    Ideal for soft or hard routine.

    Head torch go for a prince town tec or Petzl that take 2 AAs and a spare bulb

    Drapalene is the cream, grease the turkey morning and night!!

    Old trainers for night/dry kit
  5. Its been a few years since I was in the Ulu. I found the issue jungle boots (US) to be too narrow in the foot. Some of the blokes prefered them. i found normal issue boots were fine, especially on long foot patrols. I never bothered with any underwear, too much rubbing otherwise. The issue 'Gollock' was shite and didnt hold an edge for long. Better off with a nice Parang type machete, and a nice flat file to keep in sharp. Also, with hindsight, one of those tri-toothed tree pruning saws would have been perfect. We used 'esco-lights' for lights at night. The issue 'aussie-poncho' and hammock where excellent as was the mossie-net. Its worth getting a mossie headnet too. Last thing is, get hold of some Canestan cream. This will sort out your ringworm and any other 'Dhobies-itch' type skin complaints
  6. wet suit type boots for when in your dry gear...flat pack easy dry
    i used a small metal file for my tree basher ...after advice and experience from mayan guides.
    a little keyring type led torch for night /non tac... lasts months, no batteries
    foot powder in a bag large enough to stick your whole foot in. ...absolute luxury
    small compass pocket on chest of shirt/jacket... for your silva
    lanyard cord for your bondu hat (to shirt)or it will go west you aint gonna go back find it after battle drills
  7. don't know about sunblock, your come out of the trees looking like a bearded ghost
  8. Having just done a 6 week excercise in Belize, i agree with nearly everything mentioned above.

    Head torch is a must along with a few (4) spare bulbs as they go so easily there,

    One of the little string bags you get with washing machine tablets, ideal to put your soap bar in when washing and not lose it and a scrubbing brush so you get your back sorted every time you can, sweat rash/prickly heat aint fun at all !
  9. A weak and confusing waaaaaah?

    With the Haiwan Tropical troop?

    If not your JWI needs his arse kicking back to "refresh"

  10. then spend two days live firing on Baldy Beacon ... :oops:

  11. Get an l.e.d headtorch, batteries last ages and theres no bulb to blow

  12. Have a look at the ones with the Luxeon solid state 3watt LED as well - eg. silva L1

    These things are bright with a capital B - its like carrying round a portable searchlight, and battery life is amazingly good on them.
  13. For those not in the know, when the Kenyen government started asking for mucho dollar to use there trg areas,

    the MOD in there wisdon decided to send all exercising troops down to Belize on a 6 week ex called Tropical Storm