Jungle Hat Wanted

Wonder if anyone an help....

I'm looking for a temperate DPM jungle hat, used or new, in a size 59 or 60. Mine was nicked, and with me being a 'sweaty sock', 'porridge dancer' etc, dont want to pay the ridiculous asking prices on eBay for one, or wait a few days to see if I can get a cheaper one.....

If anyone has one just lying round the place, or taking up (not much) space in a bergan that they dont use, please PM me and let me know how much you're willing to sell it for.....

Cheers and regards

59/60, thats one massive heed! :D
It sure is.....

I suppose a size 58 would do at a pinch.....


I followed the link, but just got a question page about a pontiac!!

Thanks anyway......!

Someone must have a spare jungle hat they dont want/need that I can buy...........

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