Jungle gym XT

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by thegimp, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. Been using one of these recently, likig it a lot but needs some concentration and control to do the exercises without damaging yourself

    Started doing atomic pressups last week, didn,t "control" my core and have fooked my back, now walking like john wayne

    Anyone using this gear, any thoughts on best use/exercises or whether its just a gimmick

    LifelineUSA Jungle Gym XT: Intermediate Workout - YouTube
  2. Looks like a gimmick, probably a high-priced one to boot. Haven't used it, but don't see how it's any better than a pair of gymnastic rings hung from a pullup bar.
  3. Our gym has just been installed with hard points for circuit sessions with this, the general consensus is its nails.

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  4. I'm doing it over a tree branch, in the garden at the minute. I think i'm gonna go with the ******* nails but gimmicky option.

    Costs a 100 quid and you could rig one up yourself but for absolute ease of use this is the second gen of theses things and seems mega well designed

    I've got full faith in it and you have to when you are putting full bodyweight through it with your face six inches of the deck.

    Still dangerous if you haven't really gone to town on your core prior to using it. i've been smashing alsorts of exotic pressups and doing some v strong core exercises when boxing training ( explosive plank to press up ect) and it stil caught me un awares

    So far though its seems like a god shake up, muscle confusing bit of kit
  5. We use rings at my gym, and they wake you up all right. You assume that dips, pushups etc. won't be any harder on the rings - you soon learn otherwise.
  6. Yeah this seems to be the opinion, if your core isn't up to it, it soon will be. All the rage at our place and these guys are fit fellas so I bow to their wisdom.

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  7. Ah, that's what everyone is using. I stand corrected as ever.

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  8. I stuck the jungle gym xts in my day sack flying round the world they do'nt take up much room and are nicely designed for door anchorage, trees etc

    The foot stirrups are confy as fook but add to the relative bulk
  9. I seriously considered a TRX - until I saw the price!

    Edit; still a smashing bit of training kit - makes you realise why gymnasts have such ripped physiques.
  10. ^what he said. Bollox that kit, get it off amazon.com or from another supplier in the US and forget about DVD's etc. go to the gym and pay a good PT for some lessons on this.
  11. My jungle gym xt cost a hundred notes, with dvd chucked in
  12. TRX Force Kit is 110$ the regular package is 160$, it is hardly more expensive.

    Amazon.com: trx

  13. Thanks for posting that. Most informative.