Jungle DPM/Hennessey hammock queries...

Off to Belize in Jan for 2-3 years, a couple of queries therefore:

I Am yet to find the 'new' tea bag style trousers on the web. Only shirts. Were these ever produced? Are the tea bag ones any good, or are the 'old' style better... do 'new' shirt and 'old' trouser make a convincing combo?

If anyone has a hennessey hammock in their garage gathering dust that they want to off load - then might be willing to make an offer...

Any recommendations on sourcing this stuff at low cost then help would be appreciated....

For Hennesseys have a look on eBay, try eBay Canada as Hennesseys happen to come from Canada. They used to be inported from Woodland Organics and then sold on via their outlets (including RV) but Woodland have gone under.

If you purchase a HH make sure its a real one, and not a China Copy, their are a lot of copies now around.

Jungle Trousers, well I only ever had the old issues ones, and at the moment I belive that Dragon Supplies can get them?



Dragon Supplies - http://www.dragonsupplies.co.uk/ViewProducts.aspx?ProductId=620&Range=49


Kit Reviewer
Bit random, but the Bermuda Regiment gets issued junglies still - might be worth getting in contact with them?
Drop Zone Supplies did sell the old school tropic stlye but brand new remakes well worth a look.
If you are going to be out in the sticks, forget those flimsy tea bag versions. They will rip like wet tissue paper under the might of the famous Belize 'wait-a while'. Stick with the tried and tested 'old' junglies. Hennessy highly recommended.
Hammock? They do have accomodation at APC you know! There'e even bed type things in Raouls! Whatever next!

Ahhh I love the smell of Swingfog in the evening! It smells of..... Exhaust fumes!

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