JUNGLE CHARITY.. please help

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by sophie_fletcher, Jun 12, 2005.

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  1. Can you provide evidence that this is a bona fide charity and that you are an official representative of it.......or should we just send money?

    Funny how you just appeared on here and you've started asking for cash.........as well as jungle combats.
  2. sorry just had to pull the message, due to an email from ARRSE... they need to check me out first!
    I was only asking for donations because one of the other members suggested it. The money is to enable me to get the kit i need.
    www.trekforce.org.uk is the charity!
    All perfectly legit!
  3. You'd like us to help fund a four week working holiday?

  4. 4 WEEK WORKING HOLIDAY! I WISH! seriously we get 2 days r & r outa the whole thing... the rest is charity work.
  5. See my first post, open the list, pick a British based forces charity give them the £2k minimum donation you HAVE to raise to go on the Borneo trek and work with them for a month. :)

    And since it's a gap year here's you homework...

    The £2k what is it for? Your board and keep? Travel?

    Sorry if I sound like a sceptic, but to me you have chosen to do this and are asking for cash to be given to a project outside the UK while we have ex members of our forces living, no, not living, existing on the poverty line.

  6. Ok lets get this straight.. I have at no point said that the charity you're promoting is worthless in fact its very worthwhile! so i congratulate you!
    But equally mine is worthwhile too, perhaps not quite as much as yours, but it is to the people over in Borneo/ Belieze that the Trekforce charity helps out with.
    The money isn't for my board & keep, as I'm living in a hammock between 2 trees in the jungle!! It pays for all the support out in Borneo, tools/equipment, raw materials needed for the project. I'm personally paying the £800 plane ticket out there & back!
  7. See my first, BRITISH ARMED FORCE CHARITIES, lots of them....

  8. Are you a student?
  9. Yup, sure am.. a poor one at that! Any help would be appreciated!
  10. You are a liar, you get nothing from me.
  11. That makes sense. Try asking your parents instead of scrounging from squaddies.

    Or try staying out of the students union for a few weeks.

    F*cking soapdodgers.
  12. A level student in the middle of revising not in the student union!!
    I'm not a lier thank you!
  13. Can't fcuking spell either - what are you studying - chaving?