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After a bit of advice. I need a pair of jungle boots - i have wide feet and find the issue ones too narrow even in the wider fitting. I am normally a fan of Altbergs, but they are now only offering their jungle boots in a standard width fitting unlike some of their other models.

Has anyone tried either the Lowa or Meindl Jungle boots - which is a better fit for wide feet?



Any good for you ......


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The issued Jungle Boots (most of the ones I've had through procumurement and sold on) were mostly made by Wellco and came in US XW which was basically british wide, if you PM me I can point you where to grab a pair or I mights have a pair in stock, the wellco ones had some quite good features like drainage holes, steel plate in the sole making them spike proof and go well with a good pair of comfy socks


If your off anywhere hot such as Kenya. I recommend the issue boots by wellco just don't wear the issue hot weather socks with them.


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worth the extra money better than wellco and the issue copies.

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