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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by gorilla, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. Fancy buying a pair of altama jungle boots, has anyone got any experience of them ie are they comfortable and are they any good?
  2. I used a pair in sub-zero rainforest (LWC Canungra (shudder)) and in late-winter desert (the Kimberly (quite pleasant)) and in stinking hot, soaking-wet Australian tropical high summer (Shoalwater Bay (AAARGH)) and found them to be very light, cool and comfy. Can be worn without socks if you train up well beforehand.

    Good size range, but not much padding in the soles, so get a good pair of Sorbothane-type insoles, or you'll get tendonitis in the soles of your feet (ouch) and be expected to carry on whilst being sneered at for wearing non-issue boots. Like I did.
  3. I use Altama jungle & desert boots, and almost never anything else. They're lightweight, very good quality and - IMHO - by far the coolest/ best-ventilated boots around short of those strange SEAL things with porous soles.... In temperate climates I use normal boot size with socks, but for hot climes I use half size smaller with no socks. I find that because this is much cooler, your feet tend not to swell - you can therefore use a closer-fitting boot than normal. Altama do a good range of sizes.
  4. I wear nothing but Junglies anymore and have done so for about 10 years I got to the stage of wearing a goretex insert in wet weather when I was still crawling about in the dirt and firing rifles etc.

    If you do get a pair buy a pair of sorbothane insoles and put them in when you try them on otherwise it can be quite painfull on the top of your toes if you get an ill fitting pair. Don't forget yanks sizes are a size larger than ours - if you are a size 11 buy a size 12.

    These days I'll only wear a pair of CABs if I manage to drag my arrse out from behind this desk if it's remotely likely it's going to be wet - it's sort of like wearing Frankinsteins boots now

    I too wore a pair in Canungra but I got away with it being a stinking pom on Long Look back in the day.
  5. Where can you buy them from?? I have tried Google!
  6. Various UK surplus stores have them - but often at a rip-off price. There is one big dealer - sadly forgot the name - which sells a lot of kit at the two big militaria shows at Detling and Beltring in Kent. This dealer was selling brand new Altamas in the box for about £48 per pair, which was quite a bargain.

    As someone mentioned, you need to order at least one size above UK and, if you intend to wear socks, probably the "W" wide fitting, which seems to equate to UK combat boot size.

    There are also at least two Altama models in both jungle and desert. The old style (which i prefer, cos its cooler to wear) has no padding at the top of the boot; the new ones have a padded rim and ankles.

    Soldier of Fortune - Altamas
  7. I had a pair of Altma desert boots a few years back and they fell apart after 2 months. best boots on the market are Altberg by far, and they do Jungle boots.
  8. Ah ...... junglies, the Staff Officer's slipper of choice. Don't be caught in a non-deployable headquarters without them :D
  9. try britishmilitarysurplus, where i got mine. very cheap to
  10. how about saying no to grade 2 worst of the lot.

    very cheap for a reason.
  11. Try searching "altama boots", that should work
  12. fair enough, but this is the second time ive bought a pair of boots off that site and theres nothing wrong with them.
  13. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I've tried on Altama Boots and the ones on sale in the UK are far too narrow for my feet.
  14. Altama Jungle's are fine boots. Wore them for 10 years in all sorts of conditions until my bunch went the way of the ACU and tan boots. Held up well, dry fast, very comfortable, no spike plate, polish up a treat and cheap. A good insole will be to the best. Done many miles in them but be warned, the ankle support is non-existent. In winter, get a size that allows a thick wool sock and a g-tex sock like Seal-Skins on the inside. Beats a 200-400g thinsulate leater boot, as you can keep your feet drier and lighter, plus dry everything out faster.
  15. I know the problem well, hence my reliance on US manufacturers. Apparently the US military standard sizes go up to at least 16, no worries. In the Oz army you'd have to get them made, pay a fortune then wait 12 months+ for The System to reimburse you!