June 2013 Photo Challenge - OLD

Discussion in 'Photography' started by re-stilly, Jun 10, 2013.

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  1. Please post images here, remember no restrictions on subject matter, but post images here for critique. This thread is for images taken during June with the subject OLD, this comes from the Tips thread where we are trying to get people to be creative with their cameras.
  2. Ok I will start

  3. Isn't that the Scots Guards Welcome home parade, on Edinburgh's Royal Mile on their recent return from Herrick 17?
  4. It is indeed
  5. OK lol, first critique then.

    All though a reasonable pic, there are a few things that could have made it better.

    1, Lose the Officers on the right. You have cut them off and they don't lend to the scene. If you wanted them in, there should be space around them. This could have been changed by a change of viewpoint or perspective.

    2, The main point of interest is the Standards, unfortunately you have cut the tops of them off. You have enough space at the bottom to allow you to get the tops in. Also if you placed these on a third in the picture it would be more pleasing to the eye.

    3, Not sure what camera you took this on but the whole thing is slightly over exposed and lacks punch, the cobbles should have more detail and the colours should be sharper and with more saturation.

    Hope this helps :grin:
  6. Sorry Stilly I thought this was a guess what and when. I didn't realise it was a David Bailey master class?
  7. It is part of the tips and questions thread where people post pics up and they are critiqued based on the title for the months challenge.
  8. Old only insofar as I took it a few years ago.

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  9. Not a bad shot. I would lose part of the wolf and a little to the right, and turn it into a pure headshot. I would also have a go at converting to black and white as the image is pretty monochrome as it is. The eyes are sharp and that is key, but crop it and convert and see how it looks.
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Searchlight Post, Hoxa Battery, Orkney 2013 105.jpg
    Searchlight position - Hoxa Battery, Scapa Flow, Orkney

    Director Towers, Balfour Battery, Orkney 2013 140.jpg
    Director Towers - Balfour Battery, Scapa Flow, Orkney​

    The pictures aren't old as I took them last week with a small instamatic type camera. However the subject is old and date back to WW2 with some parts dating back to WW1. I wouldn't fancy stagging on in the searchlight position in dead of winter!
  11. Cheers. Are we limited on how many we can post for critique?
  12. As many as you wish as long as they conform to OLD, the idea was people went out and took something during June lol, but it isn't a problem.
  13. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Stilly - might be an idea to edit your first post to say what the point of the thread is and maybe to encourage people to say something abut how, where and why they took the picture? Also that the theme is "Old" interpreted in whatever way people like! Not everyone will have read the other thread and know where this one originated from.

    Also the idea is really as you said for people to post something they have taken in June not drag out every "old" picture they can find! The thread is supposed to encourage people to take more photos...
  14. Hopefully more appropriate to OLD.

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  15. Not a bad shot, I would lose the big chunk of blue sky and the sword point bottom right is distracting, also the bloke in the background could be cloned out, and shame you have lost the bottom of the sword on the knight on the left, set your camera to multi shot and get a sequence of shots.