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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bibo_boy, Oct 6, 2005.

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  1. Help... I've been told that I may be able to a jumps course without being attached to an airbourne unit. I was told I'd wouldn't get wings but a lightbulb / balloon badge... nice! Anyone know more or even have a picture?
  2. This has got to be a wah
  3. No picture, but you are absolutely right. Imagine 'wings' with no wings and then you've got it.
  4. Not really.... just the offer came up and I'd be a little silly saying.... "no" and just wanted more info?
  5. No picture, but you are absolutely right. Imagine 'wings' with no wings and then you've got it.[/quote]

    Cheers mate, thought so... Does that mean no P-Coy or no attachement to airbourne? (I'm not trying to get out of P-Coy before anyone asks!!!)
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    These what you're after ?


  7. Having a lightbulb means that you haven't served with airborne forces.

    I.e. just done your jumps course and not been part of 16AA (or 5AB as it used to be).
  8. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer


    Try this.
  9. Perfect..... cheers

    Job done.
  10. Fair one, you shouldn't turn down the chance to go and do the course. But for the love of God please tell me that you aren't going to sew that badge on to your shirt
  11. How on earth are you going to get onto a jumps course when not in an AB role? I was under the impression thate there was barely enough funding to get TA in role through jumps!

    One option is to go and get the Dutch para badge at Texcel. This is a 5-jump course on static line in Holland, which pretty much anyone can sign up for for around £120. However I'm interested to know the rules on WEARING foreign wings while not being UK-jumps qualified. I've recently seen a Nurse and a female 50s-60s member of a LONDIST Unit wearing Dutch wings even though neither was in any way, shape or form AB!
  12. another option would be to actually volunteer to serve with an airborne unit, do P company or whatever then go on the jumps course, smug in the knowledge that you actually deserve to be on it.

    The other advantage of this approach is that you get paid to do it!!!

    £120 to get some foreign wings??? WTF is that all about
  13. I seem to remeber it is at your COs discretion whether you can wear them or not. There was a link a few days ago..I will go in search.

    From the Association of British Military Parachutists


    Upon completion of these courses, serving personnel may wear their brevet of qualification on the right breast of their uniform subject to approval by their Commanding Officer. See Qrs. Material Regulations, Volume 3, Pam 15,Para. 301-306. It should be noted that your Commanding Officer's decision is final!

    Serving personnel must also note Qrs. Chapter 5 J5.369

    Any individual wearing any badge, brevet wings or other emblem is to be so entitled by virtue of current or past service or qualification.

    Course members are also reminded that it is a criminal offence to wear uniform or insignia that portray one as being a member or ex-member of a particular Regiment with intent to deceive.
  14. Fair play to those who are mad enough to throw themselves out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft..... But why on earth would you want to wear a foreign set of wings on your kit if you did not have the equivalent UK qual? Smells a little "Walt-ish" to me.... especially when the badge can be obtained for just a little cash

  15. Alternatively you can wear your wings if you complete an operational jump without completing P Coy, even if you did do P Coy without serving with an in role airborne unit you can't wear wings. The light bulb shows that you are parachutist, the wings identifies role.

    Being a walt is bad enough, paying to be one is worse!