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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Yorkshire_Warrior, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. What are the chanves of a hat getting on their jumps course at the present??

    If so who to contact etc.

    There is a airborne roled unit in my city (RE)

  2. you would have to do P-Coy, just because there is an airborne role it doesnt mean they dish out jumps courses willy nilly (unless youre a consultant surgeon or anaesthetist of course)
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Per FF,

    You would have to pass P Coy, be taken on strength of a unit with a para role and in a para roled LSN.

    Then you just wait your turn for a course to come up and for your bid to be a high enough priority.

    Pick up the log!
  4. What happens to the consultant anaesthetists then?
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You would attempt P coy, possibly fail, but if the demand for a jump trained anaesthetist was high enough the magic pixies would work on your paperwork and off to Brize you go.
  6. Wouldn't you only wear a lightbulb, rather than wings though?
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

  8. Magic Pixies don't give out Light Bulbs, only wings.
  9. yep, wings all round.
  10. This thread sounds like a Red Bull commercial.
  11. Of course you could get a bunch of your oppo's together and arrange a long week end in Holland with a Dutch Jump School and do their 'B Wing'. This is worn on the right breast.

    In order to wear in on your uniform you need your OC to declare the weekend an exercise and then apply to him to be allowed to wear the wing. There are many soldiers accross Europe that go along to Holland to get this wing because they want to do military jumps but cannot get onto their own national course.


    And check out the Dutch Commando website for confirmation of this wing, in the middle of the screen near the top is the word 'emblems' klicky, klicky. Its in English not Cloggie, so no worries.

    If you need details of a Dutch para school drop me a PM

  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    M_S, it is a bit more complex than that:

    Parachute Descents
    a. Parachute descents, other than forced descents, are to be made only by:
    (1) Trained parachutists whose duties require it.
    (2) Service personnel on authorised parachute training courses at No 1 Parachute Training School, or at foreign or Commonwealth military parachute schools with the authority of the Ministry of Defence (SO1 AB/SF Pol).b. Experimental parachute descents are to be made only on the authority of the Ministry of Defence (MAP 12d or SO1 AB/SF Pol).
    c. The prior approval of the commanding officer concerned is required for all cases under a. and b.
    d. This regulation relates to duty parachute descents from Service aircraft. It does not refer to sport parachuting or adventurous training free fall parachuting at Joint Service Parachute Centres; the orders and instructions for these activities are given in Army General and Administrative Instructions and Defence Council Instructions.

    For the Dutch course to be sanctioned as an official military course you need to get CO's approval, and then the approval of SO1AB/SF Pol. This is usually only given to people who are already in date, current British miltary parachutists. There are exceptions, but it is very rare. If you do it this way, it is an approved exchange and it all comes for free.

    If you pay your own way, you have bought yourself a space on a civvy run sports parachute course using military type equipment. If you wish to do this as an officially sanctioned adventure training package then you need to follow all of the AT guidelines.

    Ask yourself, would you wear US helicopter pilots wings on your uniform because you got a private helicopter pilots licence in the USA? Or a Divers badge because you did a PADI course on holiday?

    I am not knocking the course as a way of doing some parachuting, but it is not an official exchange unless sanctioned as above.
  13. Is that not what he said?
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Only if your OC is actually your CO and SO1 AB/SF Pol at MOD.
  15. There are lads in 4 Para that have had to wait 2 years or more to get their wings and it's prob only gonna get worse. Guess they haven been dubbed the blue badge of patience for no reason!
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