Jumps Course and Wings.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bigsouth1981, Oct 21, 2005.

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  1. Now before you all open up in a barrage of "walts" & "Cnut's", this info has been given to me by my PSI (who is a ******* stand up bloke-not a bullshitter in any way shape or form)

    I (still waiting for conformation) might be attending a parachute jumps course, ran by the army, next year. Now whether its being held at netheravon, i do not know, but "apparently" I have been told that upon qualifiying this, you are allowed to wear your wings.
    Now my initial reaction was bollocks:- that you have to pass P-Coy first, but apparently this is only to earn your red beret.
    Like I said this is just a rumour ive heard, so forgive me if i have typed a load of shit.
    Id feel like a twat wearing them anyhow if this was the case, I belive they should be earned the hard way, but thats just me!
    What do you reckon????? 8O
  2. I have not heard that yet, anymore details???
    When i did my sport jumps at Netheravon last year, there was a young squaddie going around saying he could where his after 8 jumps....He was then given the good news.

  3. Thought as much mate, I wouldnt wear them if they said it was legitimate, its a fecking insult to all the lads who have had the balls to do pcoy methinks!, wouldnt surprise me though, the army is going "gay" like everything else in britain.
  4. nice one!!!!
    Footboy you mentioned (JIT) do you know how you can find out whether your unit is entitled to send people on P Coy and do you have any contact numbers at Brize.
  5. fooboy is absolutely correct.

    Sports cses at netheravon = just that, sports & adv trg. a fun cse for all to enjoy, you won't get wings, but you'll get a nice certificate that you can frame and put up in 'walt towers'

    The only way to wear wings is to complete the military parachuteist cse at brize.

    Wearing wings merely denotes that you have passed the BPC...getting onto the BPC is the trick there are other ways to get on this cse. You do not have to complete P coy, AACC, selection etc. eg. there are a few 'funnies' dotted around the defence community who will be required to complete the BPC, but, as your asking this Q, I suspect you're not one of them!
  6. Does anyone know the score about these courses/jumps at Netheravon? I have heard that civis or forces can turn up and after paying a fee and a refresher in ground training can go up in a skyvan for a few jumps. Anyone know anything about this?

    Doing a few static line jumps again would be very nice!
  7. You can apply through the relevant DCI for these courses, you can also do some jumps with the Red Freds but rumour has it these are reserved for the female of the species or members of 3 Para Mortars!
  8. Most of the Air assult Bde wear Maroon Berets at last look. Might have changed though, didn't see many wings last time I was in Colchester just the Red hats.
  9. Could we have a bit of a reality check here please guys. Let's try not to confuse the realms of military jumping and sports jumping.

    To get your wings you need to do the aptitude test such as P Coy (why oh why do they call it an aptitude test? Sounds like you have to be clever!), it's hard work, jumping with lots of kit and you can easily get yourself hurt, then the work starts!. Because of this you get the 'Airborne attitude'and when you pass the course they pay you extra for having done it. Fair play and good luck to them.

    The Courses at Netheravon, Weston on the Green, Bad Lippspringe in Germany or Kings Field in Cyprus are nothing to do with scraping your knuckles on the ground, carrying heavy kit around battlefields or jumping from low altitudes. It's quite the opposite. Relaxed atmosphere, light-weight kit, no uniform and the more altitude the better. In short, it's fun and that's why you have to pay them to do it. Stick with it and you can get on lots of expeds to sunny places around the world to sit around eating ice cream during the day and supping beer as soon as the sun goes down over the horizon..... and all in civvies!

    So if any of you think you can pay a little money and take part in one of the cushiest sports known to man and then be able to wear wings like a para, really want to sort yourselves out, because niether the military or the sport parachute world wants people like you!
  10. Aye, it's Brigade headdress, so anyone (bar infantry) posted there wears a maroon lid.
  11. Like I said guys, all these replies confirm my somewhat concrete suspicions. Personally im thinking of going for 4para and on my nco's cadre I was told that they may be reopening a "liverpool branch" if you will, just like the old days, however again, I dont know how true this is although it was a 4para lad who told me so fingers crossed.............
  12. Looks like it will be closer to St Helens. Might be up and running by Christmas.
  13. Even better!!!, St Helens is a lot closer to me, what do you know then? what have you heard about it, please tell..........
  14. I would find it very strange for anyone to get wings without passing relevent selection courses.....

    And it wouldn't just be an insult, but pointless. As operational jumps are few and far between. Why train someone not in an airborne role to jump? Waste of money.

    Incidentally last heard about jumps is that TA jumps going down to 6 at Brize, then within 6 months you gotta go Netheravon to do the last 2 - sim sticks. Wings are presented after the 6 jumps.

    But seeing as noone in the reserve forces has qualifed in over a year (incl sf) it doesn't look like anyone's getting any wings! That's RAF for you.

    Netheravon is a military DZ, but there are many civvy skydiving clubs which use it and no doubt adventure training goes on.
  15. So does anyone know about the 4Para unit opening in the sthelens are?, please, someone must know!