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Tried phoning my local unit three times last week and got no answer to this question( I'm still waiting for the Sgt to call back)

If you want to trasfer from the RNR to TA etc do you have to go through the full application procedure, or given that you are in date for fitness, have a service number and are security cleared etc is it just a streamlined trasfer procedure.

I ask because I got bumped from the branch I wanted to join( and was stupid enough to believe I would get, despite being told they were short of applicants), never got second choice branch, and now been dumped in Comms. Which means I now have 0% chance of getting out to a hot and sandy place, which is where I want to be.

Hi CivPlod,

I'm not too sure about the reserves but I transfered from the regular army to the marines. It was a nightmare and took over a year. The application stages were replaced by transfer interviews and lots of them. The army and marines have different service numbers so that had to change and because it was a transfer to a different service I had to fully discharge from the army and then officially join the marines, although this break in service was only half a day.
I have also heard rumours that transfering from the navy to the army (with the navy being seen as the senior service) is even harder. I hope this isn't the case for you and someone on here can offer a more definate answer but I thought I'd let you know how it worked for me.

Good luck
Ok. The process is very simple but little understood. Your current RNR unit needs to complete Part A of a JPA L001 and forward it to the TA unit you wish to join. They complete the rest and send it by email to SPVA. You are then transferred on the date they select. PM me your email for a copy of the form.

Do not be surprised if your unit and the TA unit have never seen this before but it is 100% correct. There may be some dragging of feet involved but it really is that easy. You will keep your service number these days unless you have a pre-JPA number in which case you may be assigned a new 30?????? number.

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