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FMV - Hoppande handgranat minskar risken för oskyldiga att skadas i krig

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Jumping grenade reduces the risk of innocent people being injured in war

A FMV-employed engineer behind the biggest news in the grenade area since WWI. By jumping up just before brisaden and direct shrapnel in a cone down to the ground minimizes the risk of innocent victims, while the grenade is many times more effective against their military objectives.

When an ordinary shrapnel grenade explodes, half of shrapnel into the ground to no value. The other half goes into the air, spreading in all directions and involves unnecessary danger to a third party. Only a few fragments have a chance to give effect to the target, provided that no soldier behind a small barrier, then no effect correctly.

- I started this because I did not like the usual grenades turned its function. They are unnecessarily hazardous to innocents around and they do not generally able to achieve the goal, says Ian Kinley, technical expertise in specialized munitions at FMV.

Ian Kinleys solution is based instead on the grenade suspends himself in the air before it explodes.

- Because it defers to reach not only targets behind obstacles. The actual technology behind the launch means that it knows what is up and down, which allows us to target shrapnel downwards, in an area five meters around the crash site, said Ian Kinley.

Reduced risk of third party
By concentrating power in a cone in the shell, rather than spreading shrapnel spherical cluster density also increases several times. The goal then struck from above and thus over a larger area, and with increased fragmentation, increasing the likelihood that it turned out. No splinters go sideways, which dramatically reduces the risk of bystanders.

- In addition, we have incorporated an additional safety feature that slows splittren to make them harmless against innocent people.

The effect is achieved by splittren are designed so that the brakes themselves farther from the grenade they will. At 30 meters is enough normal clothes for protection. Frequently grenades can seriously harm people who are much farther away than that from brisaden.

Ian Kinleys work on improving the grenade function began over ten years ago when he took over responsibility including hand grenades at FMV. The goal was to improve them so that they were not as dangerous to a third party. The result - the biggest change within hand grenade range since the First World War - and a world patent on technology for FMV.

FMV has a patent on the technology
Ian Kinley rewarded for his work with the shell of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences war with a silver medal from the eighth magnitude, and next year will begin grenade delivered to the Armed Forces. It replaces the older models of hand grenades that have indiscriminate brand image.

- Sweden sends men and women at work in the world to defend the democratic world and protect civilians from abuse. This requires that we give them the best tools to solve their tasks, anything else is unthinkable in a democracy like ours says Ian Kinley.

Ian Kinley's FMV's technical expert on special ammunition. This means both that he is responsible for the knowledge of the field in the FMV and the fact that he helps other authorities, the Armed Forces, FOI, police and MSB, when they have issues in his area. With his background as an engineer and captain in the army, Ian Kinley easy to see technologies in the Armed Forces.

Effective low-cost solution
- I can clearly see the direct application of technology for the Armed Forces and has the ability to make it a reality. My task is to satisfied military needs in a clever and inexpensive way possible. I enjoy working in this environment and it is satisfying to be able to contribute to Sweden's defense.

Basically is Ian Kinleys work to continually find the most effective solution for the cheapest payment. Since bursting grenade 07 is so much more efficient than conventional hand grenades do not need as many soldiers. It provides both better battle economy, simpler logistics and reduced training requirements.

- Anyone can do expensive things and make them work, it's no challenge. It is the simple is difficult to get at. As with the jumping hand grenade. We have really just given it a new shape and added some new pyrotechnics in a smart way. It is a cheap way to get a whole new capability.

Academic Award
Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences has noted Ian Kinleys invention and says the grenade exploded 07 is of extreme importance for the Swedish defense. Particular emphasis is put on the ability to reduce the risk of a third party.

- I feel honored, of course. It's extremely satisfying to the department, which assesses efforts for the defense on an academic level, choosing to give me a medal for my invention.

So save lives grenade jump
What: Blast Grenade 07, SHGR 07th

Background: SHGR 07 is designed to greatly reduce the risk of a third party, ie innocents who happen to be in the wrong place. At the same time it provides a greatly increased probability of exclusion.

How technology : Grenade thrown like a regular grenade and rolls until it stops. A first pyrotechnic charge activates a rising mechanism that allows grenade stands up. Thus it knows what's up and ner.En second charge postpones grenade straight up in luften.Vid about two meters grenade explodes, spreading shrapnel in a cone towards the ground, in the military area of interest, five meters around the crash site.

Advantages of a standard hand grenade : Trading shrapnel against the military target, which reduces the risk of injury in the third part.Designen of themselves splittren allow them to quickly lose energy outside the military area of interest. At 30 meters distance gives splittren no permanent damage. Luftbrisaden makes splinter cone reaches the objectives underlying the protection. Splitt Rets direction from above also provides a larger target area for overhead goals. Since all cluster goes down, in the military area of interest, it is much denser than fragments from a common shell, which increases the probability of exclusion. The shell is always possible to switch to a regular markbrisad with a simple operation.


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Slo mo video is impressive, but trying to read the stuff above gave me a headache.......

I got the idea and I'm a 'daft grunt'. But who ever tried to do the translation deserves to be shot with a ball of the proverbial.
Not something I would want to be throwing into rooms or down stairs in FIBUA.

Toss in grenade......grenade gets lodged at a funny angle......grenade then leaps out the window / door back at you and explodes.
Be interesting to see how it directs itself - I would assume that it's a weighted sphere inside, so that it'll always go up no matter how it lands.
Not something I would want to be throwing into rooms or down stairs in FIBUA.

Toss in grenade......grenade gets lodged at a funny angle......grenade then leaps out the window / door back at you and explodes.
The little buggers are unpredictable enough without one chasing you round a compound
Bloody Swedes eh? Always pottering away up there inventing new shit to hurt other people. Not many of which will be Scandies.

This seems more like a more-deadly grenade to me than something which will save the lives of all those poor innocents. How will realistically stop from hurting innocents? The shrapnel still hits downwars so even those taking cover/not in a firing position will get riddled...as the metal sheet (target) showed. Dont get the point myself.

Clever idea all the same.

Has this come from Alfred 'I'm a Nice Guy Really' Nobel's Factory of Furious Fire and Fun?
Change SOP's to carry cricket bat? Grenade jumps up and you knock it to the boundary.

Just a thought.

Edited for mong spelling. :eek:(
Wow... Really?

The M67 fragmentation grenade has a kill radius of 5 meters and a casualty radius of 15 meters. How is widening the casualty radius to 30 meters an improvement?

And I really loved the little bit of bullshit about how the bits of shrapnel individually apply their own air brakes to slow themselves down to prevent injury in Bugs Bunny piloted missile style.
What's not to go wrong!
When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is no longer our friend.
Tea cosy syndrome.

Put a squaddie in a room with a tea cosy and it's only a matter of time before he puts it on his head.

Put a squaddie in a room with a hand grenade and it's only a matter of time before he pulls the pin.

I've always found it an important concept to remember when investigating ammo incidents.
Hollywood directors will be getting very excited.

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