Jumpers with Combats?

Baz44 said:
Didn't see you down the Irish Bar later on though after work!!
You Royals can be such lightweights at times :)

Yeah, I vaguely remember, as I staggered across the hill from the mess at three o'clock, thinking, "I must try to drink more..."

Editted to change, "distinctly", to, "vaguely"...


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Actually I prefer to see officers wearing shoes, brown leather with trousers, lightweight and a jacket, DPM, field with stable belt over the top. Topping it off with a twat hat makes the image perfect, especially one that looks as if it's been worn under headsets for three generations.

Please don't forget the lead attached to dog, black, labrador being led from car, estate.

One has to mark oneself apart, don't you know.



No opinion on Jumpers with Cbts

BUT Jumpers for goalposts - definitely!!!
It's always comforting to see this sort of thread; sort of restores your faith in the British Army! It's the sort of discussion that is the envy of the other 2 Services and a source of bafflement to foreign armies worldwide.

Personally: sitting here, jersey HW, officer pattern shirt, cbt trousers.

It was clean and to hand this morning, fits and is comfortable.

By all means tell me what to wear, but I don't think I'm going to listen to you......

Vive La Difference (or go and join another army).
In the absence of any CO and RSM (and temporarily at the RAF's pleasure) I used to wear an RA blue jumper with trops. I felt that having forked out nearly 100 spon for the thing I had to get some use out of it. I was working on getting hold of the JHW cardigan (ostensibly a maternity item) for a more casual Friday afternoon look. It did not come to pass.

Having drawn inspiration from a certain Regtl Col who wore red tabs on his norwegian shirt I think my generation rather tore the arrse out of it. My nasty brown shoes never saw the light of day after RMAS - I found some better ones instead.

If you are agonising about how eccentric or subversive to look in front of Big Army Dad and the rest of RHQ then too much thought is going into it and an Adjutantal clampdown is coming. If however you are just beetling through life and choosing garb on a day-by-day basis you should be fine.

It was nice on my planet.


cpunk said:
The short answer is ask your Adjutant. What officers wear has got feck-all to do with the RSM - or your SSM for that matter.
Sorry MOD can't agree. In theory I guess you're right but in practice it just doesn't work that way, as a young Tp Sgt I felt it was my duty as a colleague and I hope friend to educate my even younger Tp Ldrs in their dress sense. I never had to take them 'around the back of the panzer' but I would simply explain to them that if I felt they were improperly dressed or not up to the required standard they would not fall in at the front of the troop on first parade and inspect the men. An extra cup of tea in the mess or catch up on some pen pictures would be more appropriate. I expected high standards of dress and turnout from all of my troop, especially it's leader.

Mindless wander over!
VM has a point here; if you are having to ask or worry about it, it's probably wrong. True idiosyncratic dress should be, and look, effortless.


I think an important question is what do the senior officers in the regiment wear? is the RSM trully representing his CO or is it just a pet hate of his which is being directed at subbies.


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My course leader in basic used to rock up for first parade dressed in his riding boots, jodhpurs, yellow waistcoat and Scots DG hat carrying his swagger stick.

He looked a proper arrse and we learnt our respect for officers from him.

We learnt respect for the commission from our NCOs.
It's worth qualifying my earlier post by saying that the rules change when you go out through the front gate. Gucci smocks, boots and webbing are fine but that is because you can afford them. Take a look at what your junior soldiers are wearing - if it is a JHW and a temperate jacket over an OG shirt the bloke is not half as comfortable as you are. Spotting this and planning accordingly is leadership and something you must discuss with your SNCOs.

Not such an issue as the kit is better these days - fleeces, gloves, gaiters, etc, but I remember the days of the haves and the have-nots.


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....and of course the woolly P. must be slightly too large for the frame and perhaps have a small hole somewhere in the fabric of the garment to add that finishing touch? C'est magnafique...!


Why on earth would a subbie want to wind up the RSM?

Choose your friends where you wish but pick your enemies carefully.
..... the odd small hole is de rigeur. However, to acheive the full effect, they should be darned with a wool of a slighlty different colour.


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John_Jorrocks said:
Why on earth would a subbie want to wind up the RSM?

Choose your friends where you wish but pick your enemies carefully.
How true, but then again why would an RSM wish to tell junior officers how to dress? That is the job of the Adjt, or in the case of the subbies, very often the senior subbie.


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[quote="seanbean]should be darned with a wool of a slighlty different colour.[/quote]

You mean get one's man to darn ....?
That implies that you have a needle and thread. A panel of duct tape patted on the inside of the hole is a quick yet surprisingly effective repair and may often be effected without taking the jumper off.

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