Jumpers with Combats?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by mab_1983, Feb 6, 2007.

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  1. Granted this is not the most exciting thread, more of a request for information really...so here goes...

    With the weather being slightly chilly at the moment, several of the Officers in my Regiment have taken to wearing jumpers over their Combats - myself included - now the RSM has decided that he doesn't like young Subbies doing this and has changed the Regt Dress Policy. I on the other hand quite like how it looks, and most of all would like nothing more than to piss off the RSM, so i guess my questions are:

    Are there any rules againt wearing a jumper over Cbt 95, and if there are rules saying I can, where could I find them so I can tell the badge to ram it?

    Answers on a postcard.....
  2. Just do it! (Getting el Adjutante on side wouldn't go amiss either!)
  3. Since when has the RSM been able to tell officers what to wear? Adjutant's job. Part of an officer's JD is to dress differently to provide amusement to all and to annoy the Sgts Mess!
  4. Thats what I thought, but he's giving my SSM grief for not "keeping his subbies in order". So rock and a hard place really, I dont want my SSM in the shite but, I do want to annoy the Sgts Mess - one member in particular!
  5. I believe you will find the CO has the last word on this subject.
  6. I think that DPM collars sticking out of an OG wooly pully looks odd and should be avoided - why not wear a GS shirt under it instead? It looks more co-ordinated and stylish after all
  7. Double post. Ooops!
  8. Or your Officer pattern one...uber stylish and will get a definate rise from the Sgts mess!
  9. You mean the off-white and always creased shirt?
  10. I bet you are a mega bloke!! Why be different? Whats wrong with wearing a smock/jacket? How do you expect your blokes to adhere to Dress Policy when you don't? You are displaying a typical sproggy "I'm a Lt" look at me type of attitude. C0CK!!
  11. Nothing wrong with a Smock/Jacket as you say, but i thought Officers were supposed to be different? As for the typical sproggy "I'm a Lt" stuff, so what? You obviously have a chip on your shoulder about Subbies yourself, maybe you should meet the RSM to whom I referred.
  12. My Battery wear a Pegasus as a battle honour from Arnhem. Dress regs state that it may only be worn on JHW, Service/No2 Dress, Blues and Mess kit. On that basis not only do I wear a jersey over C95 as often as I can, but I encourage the rest of the Bty to do the same. The honour is the Battery's, and I think it invidious to reserve its display for the officers.

    On the other hand, I'm no longer a subbie shouting, "Look at me!". Maybe I am one of the C0CKs you're talking about, though.
  13. I have no chip on my shoulder, I agree that JH look OK over C95 however if Regt Dress Policy is not to wear them, why should you be any different to anyone else regardless of the RSM? Are you not suppose to be leading by example? Rather than try to p1ss the RSM off?
  14. I want to p1ss him off because he only decided to change the policy when officers began to put jumpers on. I agree with the leading by example, but being slightly different is good. Perhaps it is borne out of going through RMAS and having little chance to be different, so now when I supposedly can be - why not do it? And thus why should people try and stamp it out?

    I like fas_et_gloria's post, but what does invidious mean?
  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    The short answer is ask your Adjutant. What officers wear has got feck-all to do with the RSM - or your SSM for that matter.