Jumper HW and CS 95???

Discussion in 'RLC' started by IBRU, Oct 6, 2008.

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  1. Hi i am doing some research for my boss, he wants me to find out if it says anywhere (official) if it is allowed or disallowed to wear a Jumper HW ontop of CS95 for officers??? I have been trying to find Matt regs volume 3 pam 3 or jsp 336 which apparently says all i need?? However i dont have access to Dii so i am looking for it on Internet or army net.

    any help greatly appreciated.
  2. Since when did officers care? Dont they just wear what they want?
  3. Your heating not been turned on either yet? My office is like a bloody fridge.
  4. Mat Regs died a few years ago, try looking for JSP's
  5. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Cold here too, workshops just under the legal limits for the staff at 12.7 degress.

    Can you give knees to chest for civvies?

    Can't find my JHW for the life of me.
  6. Dear God not again. Look what happened last time this was raised... :( :(

  7. Try "Corps Instructions" where it list all the dress patterns etc and describes what is or is not acceptable and, I'm confident that JHW is acceptable with Combat 95. Your Adjt/RSM/RAO should have a copy.

    I have worn it, following the trend set by an earlier RSM of 5 Regt.
  8. RLC Corps Instructions

    B1 Dress Instructions

    Page 20

    Combat Soldier 95 (CS92). CS95 is designed to be worn on operations and exercises in temperate and warm weather areas. It may also be worn in barracks. Its system of layers is designed to offer flexibility and comfort. In temperate areas, it is to be worn with the shirt tucked into the waistband of trousers at all times, although in hot weather the sleeves may be rolled up.

    In warm weather areas, the shirt may be worn untucked, although the sleeves may be rolled down for protection from the sun or insects, for example. Trousers are always to be worn with the ankle ties done up or with elastic ‘blousers’. In barracks, The RLC stable belt may be worn. In the field, on operations or exercise, the issued webbed belt is to be worn.

    Fleece and Layers. Fleeces, Sleeka jackets, Buffalo jackets and other thermal layers may be worn with Nos 5, 8 and 12 Dress as appropriate. Such layers are only to be worn underneath other uniform items; they are not to be worn as top layers. The top layer of uniform is always to be
    capable of bearing rank.

    As JHW can bear rank, fill yer boots!
  9. Although I would rather wear a green shirt with the jumper and CS 95 trs.

    For a little bit a variety every now and again try a SD shirt, tie and jumper with the CS95 trs.

    Confuse the F*ck out of everyone!!