Jumper Heavy wool

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Rougespear73, Nov 16, 2010.

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  1. Does any spotter out there have the NSN for this item (sizes large and medium) ?
  2. By Spotter I assume that you mean 'A kind G4 chap who will furnish you with the information that you require'?

    Jumper Utility

    8405 99 132 1772 Size 100
    8405 99 132 1773 Size 106
    8405 99 137 8592 Size 112
    8405 99 137 8593 Size 118


    (Kind G4 chap!)
  3. You mean jersey heavy wool?

    You utter tool. :slow:
  5. Tar v-much (kind G4 chap) as for sandmanfez at least mine sounds better on C.O.D Tooooooooool !!!!!!!!!

  6. Used to be but now known as Jumper Utility.


  7. Were you thinking perhaps of 'Rogue' rather than 'rouge', as rouge is a the colour of a lipstick, according to the wife.
  8. Perhaps he's referring to his hampton. Hang-on, here's a list of options;

  9. I believe the gentleman refers to the popular video-game Call of Duty, which I understand has eclipsed my old favourite - Pong.

    Rougespear does sound like an entry from the Profanisaurus: -

    Rouge-spear. (v).. The Act of dipping a gentleman's Trouser Python in a lady who has engaged the services of the Monthly Home Decor Service
    From Mr Gladstone's diary:
    "Last night I solicited the services of a rosey-cheeked young wench, who halied from the South Side of Pimlico. Only after paying my Shilling did she reveal that she had been up on blocks since Monday. Not wishing to daub my facial hair with Mexican Lipstick, I quickly rouge-speared her, and was on my way before the hour was up."
  10. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    cloud, there is also another band called Rouge, Brit Asians,the Brazillian ones ain't as pretty as I'd hoped.

  11. Then I may have seriously misjudged our Jersey, Heavy Wool-seeking friend.

    (But I suspect not)
  12. Anyone who names himself after a form of makeup is a galloping catamite. The fact that he is interested in warm clothing confirms it. My own name, by comparison, is Heedlessly Butch, and I am wearing only a pair of shorts with my junk hanging out of the leg.

    The left leg, I might add.
  13. Tell me more
  14. Ohhhh no, I'm not getting mired in one of your online grooming sessions, I know where it might lead and you're out of luck, do you hear me, well and truly out.
    I have just hacked up an unnecessarily large chunk of overnight's phlegm, I'm not very attractive at the moment, I'd only disappoint you.

    I'm an Aquarian on the cusp of Pisces too, we're all mad, quite mad.
  15. I'm also aquarian and I've got new superman pants.