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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by tomahawk6, Mar 25, 2005.

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  1. :D brings back some memories, some nice twists in there.

    What height are the jumping from, as a rough guess I'd put it at 1000 ft :?:
  2. I agree standard altitude 1000-1050.
  3. The MoD could learn alot from that kind of footage on websites. It gives potential recruits far more idea of the reality of what they want to do as a soldier. More multi media is what I say!
  4. Okay, I agree it's great to watch and may draw the potential recruit in the door and on the books. It also gives all those who say they were lied to and missled by the ACIO ammunition. More videos of track bashing, fun on the washdown, weapon cleaning and doing outside areas I say! How else can the army be seen in it's true light and get the dedicated 'broom savy' recruit it needs.

    I mean, compare how many hours a para trained soldier spends hopping out of C130s a year compared to sweeping up the outside areas..... no comparison is there?
  5. Bloody good point! I find recruiting quite hard, especially when i know i've left the boys sweeping and weeding the tank park and I'm in a funky tent telling and showing everyone how much fun roaring across the plains in a tank is!