Jump Test - Old APFA

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Disco, May 30, 2004.

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  1. Remember the APFA JumpTest, where you licked your fingers and jumped up as high as you could striking a raised chalk board?

    Well recently in a bored moment at work an argument flared at the reason why for such a test. Answers ranged from just a physical test to capability to climb out of a trench to minimum height requried for assualt course (wall climb).

    Anyone know the reason for the Jump test in the old APFA and do they still do it in phase 1 training ?
  2. FBW

    FBW Old-Salt

    Bloody hell forgot all about that :p

    Jump test was great :lol:

    way back in my young days at sutton coalfield :)

    doing RTT team now oand no its not on the sylabuss anymore :(

    might bring it back for a laugh with next intake though :lol:
  3. That was a great test, seem to remember I did it as part of the phys test to get in aswell.

    I could get a score that would please a pro basketball player, so it helped fudge the overall picture regarding my fitness!

    Bring back the jump test and white pumps.

  4. Ah yes... the old PT kit, the strange shorts... and the regulation red or white T-shirt.... Still got mine soemwhere, the whole set...

    At least I remember being issued a Tthat was to small for me then 18 years ago..

    Now where did I store them.... Ought to find them and post em to the Imperial war museum...

  5. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Ah the APFA test. Where the PTI ran you into the ground first of all then got you to try and jump as high as possible! This is probably where I first (and last time) fell for the big 'Army Lie' "Your height dosn't matter it is how high you can jump" me- 5'6" junior leader struggling to make the bottom of the chalk mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. The best bit was before the jump having to raise your arm and get the board lowered onto the tip of your finger tips. How many people used to try and get their arm to slump into its shoulder socket so as to gain a few millimetres? Or even cup their hand but try and make it still look straight!!
  7. No jump test in phase one any more, or heaves for that matter. Just press ups, sit ups and the run.
  8. And a speed knitting test?..... for f*cks sakes , why bother , it's the 2 tests aimed at fat w*nkers that have gone , i used to like watching the resident lard arrses filling their shorts as they tried to pull their fat wobbly chins over the bar for the first time as the gym queen screamed " i said BEST effort you fat cnut" , and the sound of 18 stone of prime support troop fatty slamming the gymn floor and sending a mini tsunami through the wood till the door fell off its hinges.

    i blame the current problem with obesity on the lack of bullying fat f*ckers at school from the age of 5.
  9. I take it from the previous replies that no-one has a clue as to why the test was used then?

    Who cares, it was a nice easy test in comparison to the rest!
  10. i loved the jump test (i could pass it) i also liked the old incline sit ups they were a particular favourite of mine.