Jump ship or stick to your guns? Help!

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Hi guys I'm looking for some advice on what seems to be a recurring problem for people joining up at the mo.

I've just past ADSC and managed to achieve an 'A' grade but my recruiter and the ADSO both said that for Avionics tech and Aircraft tech I would prob have to wait over a year as I'm 11th on the list. My recruiter checked for my 3rd choice, Electronic Warfare Sys Op, and said that I would be 4th and they are recruiting 10 people so I could start basic training in March 11. Great news, I know, but I have less info about this job as nobody seems to be able/allowed to give me some decent info on it.
Anyway I'll get to the point, I would like to know;

1, Should I wait it out or change my job choice?

2, What are the likely time scales between lance jack, full screw...ect for EWSO

3, Possible postings for EWSO?

4, Any interesting or relevant info on EWSO?

5, Transferable Skills or good jobs as a civvy from EWSO?

6, Any other interesting trades with good promotional and educational opportunities?

All advice, piss taking, abuse, grammar correction ect welcome
I would stick with either the first or second choice, when you leave lots of money to be made and you wont be thinking what if. A year is not that long for a potential 22.
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