Jump Ship....Join the QA`s

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by DirtyAndy, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. aaaaaaa aaa
  2. Yeah, but didn't you originally join the Army to be a soldier and not a bed pan emptier and arse wiper? If not why didn't you join the RAMC , QA or NHS from the start?

    Respect to the QA for what they do, but unless you are a 22 year LE that has joined the QA as an LE Lt just to get to sh*g 18 year old nurses, it sounds very, very, very gay
  3. Au contraire Aunty S. I jumped ship in 99 after 7 years in God's trade and although I didn't get the £400 a month I can vouch that 3 years on Lance Jack higher band pay while getting student discout with my NUS card was fun fun fun. Me, I proved that it doesn't have to be gay and had a very interesting training. As for arse wiping, I bet you do it every day - more if you have kids.

    In conclusion I can heartily reccomend QARANC nurse training to anyone who wants to be a nurse and wants to maintain contact with the army and wishes to remain on a decent wage.

    Why did I not join up as a QA in the first place? It was not an option at Harrogate.
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I guess its a career option if you don't mind fondling male genitalia in various states of disrepair....
  5. Is that not the foundation of the T3 tech course?
  6. Begone Dull C*nt! :D

  7. F**k that. Do the Foremans course. Where you dont get to go to Uni. Get f**cked over for two years. Get told you are the cream of the Corps while at the same time your whole course has to go and do piss monitor when CDT come calling. The best bit is the two quid a day pay rise which will be swallowed up by your new quarter charges because when you get posted you wont be living in filth. And to top it all off you get to watch Staffys who do the same course get five times the pay rise you do.

  8. Or work with the Royal Signals

    Have a fantastic time - and yes I mean fantastic time - was given a good beating at one point - but ah ho

    Guys - you have so much talent and are very professional :oops:

    Medics do a very rewarding role and so do you - do not under mine yourselves

    Ok off soap box 16 Signal Regiment - what a .......... :idea: