Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Panoptes, May 21, 2010.

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  1. Evening all,

    Just wondering what your thoughts are, considering the March course has been abandoned, whether there will be a significant increase in numbers on the July TACC.

    The September one is always usually very full due to the raft of Summer Leader guys and Summer Mod 3 and AOSB passes on it.



  2. Well given a few years back the number of OCdts on the March course was 27, I doubt it'll be too much of an issue..
  3. 15 Bde Courses run Jan- Aug or Sep to Feb (I think). So, it leaves a pretty nasty gap between Feb and July. Anyone will most likely end up doing some refresher training with the next course. Mind you, we'll only be sending about 5 people anyway, so not enough to make a big difference. It would be good if DEPO training fell at different times to Summer leader, but thems the breaks! Given that it took me a year to even enter the system, I would imagine that people won't wait form Sep to July to do the next one.

    Just another demotivation tool put in the young potential officers way.
  4. Its not that full at the moment....
  5. Birduk, see the post from Ex_Pompadour on this subject - it's in this forum..
  6. Give us a clue! Which thread?
  7. It's fine! I had read that one previously, so not a drama. Thanks for trying to help though ;)
  8. 150 booked on September TACC so far...
  9. but barely 40 on the July course