July Pay

They seem to change the date each month, just to suit themselves and keep us guessing.
By my reckoning they are trying to bring us into line with the regs, and pay everyone on the last day/working day of each month.
But what do i know , i'm only the unit pay clerk! :cry:
What do you want with money? You'll only spend it. Besides Gay Gordon and Buffhoon need the cash more than you.
TA_sig said:
I got randomly paid £13.87 halfway through August, but they owe me a fair bit more than that.
Me too man ... maybe's they are keeping it until i sign on full time then they wont have to pay me
I'm still waiting on the bloody Bounty :cry:
Got mine as usual. Normally on 2nd Thursday of the month. I find it depends when the PSAO sends the pay statements to APO, if he is quick, i.e. 1st of August, the pay is in by the middle of the month, if a tad slow, i.e. 3rd or 4th of the month it can take 1 week to 10 days more.
Remember as well people, It's summer stand-downs for those hard working regs we have attached to us . So things may take longer , as they'll get paperwork at various Regt HQ'S and it'll just sit there until those nice regs come back next week. :wink:

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