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Is anyone in, or know of, an interesting SO3 job that is likely to appear in the July jobs list for a start in early 06? Germany and Canada both appeal, and I want to plan the escape from my current job leaving no chance of being scuppered.

Speak to your desk officer at the APC is the best bet.
If you have got DII use the following link:


go to the MS(B) page and scroll down to the bit about career fields - each career field is hyperlinked and on each of their pages is a consolidated list of jobs and a prediction of roughly when they will be come available.
Cheers for the link, I'll check it next week. If its the same as one I checked a while ago, it did not go sufficiently far back, i.e. 2 years, to be able to work out exactly which jobs are due up, although it gave a rough idea of the sort and type of jobs.


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If you have a nerd for these things (I, alas confess) they will have copies of the job list from two yrs ago. I started collecting them when I got promoted and have a pretty good idea of what is coming up next. Big caveat though. People leave early, get extended, etc so it is not accurate but does give you a steer.

Before I am berated for being a blue flamed thruster, belive me I am not that good. I am just looking for a way to manage my career as no one lese will.
Mysteron is quite right, the only person who looks after your career is you. I will certaily be taking his advice and keeping a rolling copy of the jobs list. Better safe than sorry. However I am sure they will still ignore the prefrences and post you somewhere way of to the left flank "Needs of the Army!" and all that.
You will have no problem getting a SO3s job in Germany.
There are several HQs, UKSC(G), ARRC, 1 Div, 4, 7, 20, 102Xs, whether the job is interesting is a different question?? E1 or E2?
I'm going to ITC in Jan as a Pl Comd following my stint in Iraq. Already a capt but wonder if there are any SO3 jobs for me after that in Scotland, perhaps in HQ 2 Div. I'm Kings Div. And I really can't be arrsed going back to Bn after ITC to be an RSO or some other such drudgery. The Scotland factor would benefit my personal circumstances although I wonder if it would hinder my career?
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Try SO3 Go@t P@rn in the Hebrides if you want a really rewarding job.

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