July 7 survivor = gang rapist = compensation slashed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by razorman, Nov 18, 2005.

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  1. It was a horrible crime .but it was 20yrs ago guess lossing some compensation is justified . Doubt his victims want reminding .
  2. I think his compensation should be passed on to the victims of the crime he committed. I mean, you can't prey on others and then expect to be treated better than them when you are preyed on yourself.
  3. Did that Lottery winner ever pay compensation to his victims by the way?
  4. PTP, no he didn't. One of the victims tried to bring a claim against him, but it was thrown out due to the time elapsed since the crime.
  5. Shame it wasnt just a leg he ****** lost. retribution i would say.
  6. So he won't be releasing the single he was going on about on the radio the other day now?, (which by the way was shite)
  7. I have to say........although said cnut should have lain slowly bleeding to death whilst being ass raped by 'White police Officers, Asian Males, Labour Cabinet Ministers, Liberal Party Leaders et al. He is entitled to compensation as are you and I. He served his sentence such as it was and has therefor (Supposedly) repaid his debt to society.

    It feckin dirties my mouth to spout that shoite but thats what we as a society have agreed to.
  8. I agree with LWM, the injuries he sustained are not made any less by his past, however distaseful, criminal and abhorrent that past may be. with any luck the blast took his knackers off too.
  9. I'll have to go and wash out my mouth with soap after saying this, but he has served the sentence he was given at the time, inadequate though it was.

    When it comes to compensation everybody should be judged by the same criteria, regardless of what we think of them personally.

    I'm sorry, but I have to agree with those who say he should be allowed to keep the full compensation award. :(
  10. i would agree to the above also , i understand he hasn't been convicted of any further offence since that time , as a teenager to 38, i would say prison must have taught him something and he has served his time.
  11. Probably taught him not to drop the soap in the showers . . . . .

    Poetic justice in many ways.
  12. I'm not sure about convicted, but the telegraph says he was arrested 3 years ago for burglary.

    I have to say that I held a lot of respect for him when I first saw him give an interview - his positive attitude was inspiring.

    Now I find it hard to believe his audacity. He is very publicly campaigning for more compensation for the terrible crimes committed against him... when he himself was the perpertrator of (or at the very least, involved in) a terrible crime.

    I agree with Plant-Pilot - if he truly feels guilt and remorse for what he did, he should give any money he receives to the victims of his crimes. I would argue that they have probably suffered more long term damage than he has.